Snapchatters To Follow For Berlin Fashion Week Insights

berlin fashion week snapchat insights

I already announced it but let's say it again because I'm so excited: This season I will be going to Berlin Fashion Week! If you've ever been to Berlin you know how relaxed and casual the city is, and that's how I expect the German fashion week to be like as well. I know that in Berlin they pay much attention to small local designers, rather than international big brands. And that's why I think I will be able to relate with the collections and the events, much more than I would in Paris or Milan.
Last season I already intensely followed the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, mainly thanks to Snapchat! Whoever still doesn't understand why Snapchat is so popular is clearly following the wrong people. So to help you find the right people to follow for Berlin Fashion Week insights, I made a list of my favourite German fashion bloggers, that I am pretty sure will be at MBFW in Berlin this week:

blogger_bazaar + lenaladerampe + chantanja

The three founders of Blogger Bazaar are probably the coolest girls in Berlin. Blogger Bazaar is a blog but at the same time also an agency that brings bloggers together. No wonder that during fashion week they will not only follow the shows, but also organise their own blogger event at their HQ.

novalanalove + annicherie

Farina of Novalanalove is one of the best known Snapchatters in Germany. She snaps about every moment of her life, which is why you need a lot of time to view her story. As she will be invited to about every show and event, you can get great overall fashion week insights on her account. The same goes for annicherie, the co-founder of Novalanalove. 


I often saw Caro in Farina's snaps and she seems to be a really cute person. I just only started following her on her own Snapchat, and I'm pretty sure she is in Berlin now as well. 


I've mainly been following Jennifer for her wedding preparations but as she already announced that she will be going to fashion week, I decided to add her to this list.


Ally has lots of Berlin fashion week experience plus she worked for Styleranking, the organization who's in charge of the famous German blogger event FashionBloggerCafĂ©. 


If I think of German fashion bloggers and Berlin than she's the first person who comes to my mind. Even though she's been travelling a lot lately, she is now back in her hometown for fashion week.


Another really popular German blogger is Leonie Hanne. During fashion week you will probably see her accompanied by her boyfriend who's part of her blog team.

imena95 + clothesncamera

And last but not least you should of course also follow my girl Imena and me as we're discovering Berlin Fashion Week. We both said we're gonna try to snap more during that time, so I think we'll be able to share some fun insights. We'll be covering quite a few events like the shows of Anja Gockel, Thomas Hanisch and Sportalm, or the blogger events FashionBloggerCafé and HashMAG Lounge to only name a few.

Are you ready for a huge dose of blogger madness at Berlin Fashion Week?

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