The Real Reason Why You're Never Invited To Blogger Events

how to get invited to blogger events

Let's face it, blogger events are like the 'Sweet 16' parties of American cheerleaders: Everybody wants to go there but only very few get the chance to be invited. Who actually gets an invitation to these birthday parties? First of all friends of the host, sometimes also friends of the guests, and finally the coolest kids of the school. Speaking in terms of bloggers you will thus mainly be invited to blogger events if you already have relations to the brand, if you know other bloggers who get an invitation, or if your blog is so good they can't ignore you. So what are you doing wrong that keeps you from becoming a blogger event guest list VIP?

1. You don't have a blogger bestie

Relations are EVERYTHING in the blogging business. I've had the chance to go to many events just because I had a friend who had a friend... On the other side I also managed to get invitations for my blogger besties on many occasions. Unfortunately I still see so many bloggers who keep for themselves all of the time. Instead of making some friends and trying to get into blogger events together, they keep quiet for years and don't even dare to ask someone where they got their invitation from. It may sound radical but I am convinced that a blogger who doesn't have at least one blogging friend will never make it in this industry. How good that there are blogger communities in almost every country, you just need to become an active member of them. 

2. You don't think local

So you want to be invited to local events but on your blog you don't even tell people where you're from? That's a pretty big mistake. Of course brands from Germany will not invite bloggers from America. But if your blog is completely in English, you never speak about your hometown and you never reviewed local brands, then how the heck should brands know you're from their country? Let me tell you a secret: 90% of the invitations I got came from brands who searched "Luxembourgish blogger" on Google. Go ahead, try to find yourself on a search engine. If you don't appear on the first three pages, you may wanna read my post about SEO

3. You never asked

Sometimes it can be as simple as asking. Asking another blogger, asking the host of an event, asking people who work for the respective brand or even asking people who work at the event location. Finding the press contact of a brand only takes 5 minutes of Google research. Also what's the worst that can happen if you ask? Exactly, that you get a 'no' in response. Of course it may not be clever to contact random brands and ask if you can get an invitation to their next event in case they do any, but on other local blogs you can get a good idea of which brands are actively working with bloggers in your area. 

4. You misbehaved

It is a sad truth that at events you see how good a person's manners really are. I've experienced people who chatted at the top of their voice during a fashion show, who entered an event location with the words "Where are the goodie bags?", or who couldn't break away from their phone during a brand presentation. Well and if I noticed these things, then chances are the brand representatives did, too and are thus not willing to invite that person a second time. If you are invited to an event always greet the host when you come and say good bye when you leave and don't forget to say thank you, even if you didn't like the event. 

5. You're in the wrong niche

While blogger events are really common in the fashion and beauty industry, they may be less in other blogging niches. So before wondering why you never got an event invitation, you should first ask yourself if there are any events that match your blogging topic at all. It is pretty obvious that a travel blogger will not be invited to fashion week shows. So why do all the fashion bloggers think they deserve invitations to every single beauty event? Fashion and beauty may be linked but if you only post OOTDs and never did a single product review on your blog, then why should a beauty brand invite you? After all they are assuming that you will write about their products after the event. 

6. You don't build relations

Often brands invite bloggers to whom they already have some kind of relation or connection. Either because the blogger often writes about their products, or has been reaching out to them to get press material, or often buys at their shop and has introduced themselves as a blogger. If you find it hard to connect with brands, then try to connect with a local blogger community. Ever had the impression that there are always the same bloggers at events? Well it is because they hang out together anyway and refuse to go to events alone. Blogger besties, remember? Btw, brands are not the only ones to invite bloggers. It's worth connecting with local stores, magazines and restaurants, too.

7. You don't even go to events that are open for everybody

There are so many events that are open for everybody to come, like store openings or the monthly meetings of your local blogger community. Sure, these events are not exclusive, and mostly don't involve a goodie bag, but if you don't even show up to some small events, people will think you're too shy or not interested in events at all.

Seriously guys, you don't need to be afraid. Blogger events aren't as exclusive as they are trying to make you believe. With a bit of effort you can make it into almost every event. I am the best proof as I have never been to any fashion week and still managed to get 5 show invitations for Berlin only just by contacting the labels! 

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