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beauty empties garnier bealea nonique

Have I ever told you how much pleasure I take in emptying beauty products? It has even come to the point where my boyfriend congratulates me for using up a bottle of shampoo. Crazy, I know! And I don't even know why that is. Maybe because it will give me something to write about on the blog, or because I like using new products, or because I still have 4 drawers full of beauty products that I want to use up before I'm an old lady... Anyway this month was a pretty good one when it comes to emptying pleasures! #crazycatlady #crazybeautylady

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE sheet mask with red clay

You know that I am head over heels for clay masks because they instantly make my skin look better. I was a bit skeptical when trying this one, as I thought sheet + clay would equal a huge mess. However the mask was actually way less messy than similar products, especially as it sticked well to my face. It smelled really fresh because of the contained pomegranate. When I took off the mask there wasn't much excess on my skin so I could easily rinse the rest off. The included cinnamon stimulated my skin but the deeply purified effect wasn't as strong as I have experienced it with other clay masks. 

BALEA "Silky" foot spray

Bare feet can feel quite unpleasant in some shoes. I was hoping that this foot spray would thus make it more comfortable to wear summer flats and prevent the one or the other blister, too. The spray did indeed make my feet feel drier and furthermore covered them in a subtle shimmer and a lovely scent. Unfortunately the dry effect didn't stay for long and so the spray was not a long-term solution on hot summer days. 

NONIQUE Luxurious Anti Aging Day Cream & Night Cream 

There's a funny story behind these products. Because in fact I don't know where I got them from. Back when I lived in Germany I got way more blogger mail, simply because German brands work more with bloggers than Luxembourgish ones. So the day when I moved out of my flat, I had a parcel with these creams standing in front of my door. Don't be alarmed, I didn't try something I know nothing about. In fact Nonique is a brand I had seen in drug stores but never actually tried. In the end I was really satisfied with the face creams. Not only do they smell amazingly fruity as they contain pomegranate, acai berries, noni fruit and aloe vera, but they're also organic. In fact my skin condition was horrible before I started using these so after some months of just using water and Nonique I'm back at a normal skin. I would definitely use these creams again. 

GARNIER Express 2in1 Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I think I've introduced this makeup remover more than once but I just had to include it in this empties post again because only this month it convinced me over and over again. On Snapchat I have shown you the extreme makeup I wore for my dance performance (black smokey eyes, eyeliner, lots of glitter and several layers of everything) but the Garnier Express 2in1 removed it just as easily as my usual day makeup. I must however admit that I didn't try it on waterproof mascara simply because I never wear any. 

SISLEY "Eau Efficace" Gentle Make-Up Remover face and eyes

The only product that disappointed me this month is the Sisley eye makeup remover, especially compared to my beloved Garnier one. The "Eau Efficace" is a water that smells a bit like Eau de Cologne. It is great to remove foundation or powder as it has a refreshing effect. However removing mascara with this is a mess! Furthermore it says to be a "gentle" makeup remover but the strong perfume actually irritated my sensitive eye area. So I would say it's a good makeup remover for the face, but a really bad one for the eyes. 

GARNIER Fructis Marvelous Oil heat protection & care

Using and oil as heat protection was a bit tricky at first, because I didn't know if I had dispensed it enough. In the end it isn't more difficult to use than any other heat protection product. Thanks to the contained argan oil my hair was super soft after straightening. But the Marvelous Oil is also great to blow dry your hair as it doesn't only protect but also helps dry your hair more quickly. (The same goes for shampoos and conditioners that contain oils, give it a try!) Another benefit is that you only need very little oil so you can go years with this bottle. (Not good for my emptying obsession though, haha!) 

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