Outfit: Floral Peplum Corset For A Not So Average Spring Look

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Sometimes I compile my best outfits with old clothes. Mostly I get inspired by recent looks and trends, and instead of buying something new, I think of piece xy that I bought years ago for other reasons than I would buy it nowadays. The same happened to me with this floral peplum corset. I mean let's be honest, I wouldn't wear it as such with just a skirt anymore. Maybe because I'm too grown up by now, or because my style has become way too simplistic. However it seems like the fashion rule of the century is that everything looks good with an oversized white blouse. So that's what I tried with my corset and I couldn't love the result more.
I know that most people will advise you to throw something away when you haven't worn it in a year, but I say almost everything comes back in fashion, especially statement pieces like this one. I would have regretted throwing or giving away this piece of clothing, which is way more versatile than I would have thought back when I bought it. You never know how you will be wearing something 5 years from now, or how your children will make it their own signature piece decades from now. Flared jeans are probably the best example for this. Just think in advance with the size of your closet, too...
Have you already regretted giving away a piece of clothing that you bought years ago? 

pictures by Claude

peplum corset, pants, sandals - H&M, blouse - ASOS, necklace - SWAROVSKI

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