Beauty Empties May

Lately I haven't reviewed many new beauty products but I'm well aware that some of you guys are also following this blog for beauty stuff. So I hope that you'll find some interesting products in this empties post. New product reviews are certainly planned for summer!


What's Up? #1

Fashion News of the Week Collage

You certainly noticed that it has been rather calm here lately. I could blame it on my internship but to be honest my busyness is a pretext rather than a reason not to blog. Let's face it: After over 4 years of blogging I'm in a good old identity crisis. I don't really know where I want to go with my posts anymore, which is partly due to the fact that my interests changed. Lately I'm thinking more about houses and wedding preparations than about which beauty products to buy next. What didn't change however, is my fascination for fashion and the blogging business.


Outfit: Ripped Flares and Granny Shoes

Have you every noticed that people from our society are way too afraid of doing stuff themselves? How many of us have never cooked a soup or a sauce because we think it's pro level of cooking? How many of us rather call the house painters every ten years instead of painting our walls ourselves according to our mood every year? And how many of us are constantly looking for the perfect ripped jeans when there are so many tutorials to do it ourselves on YouTube?


Outfit: But I'm a 90s Chick

fashion blogger 90s outfit canola field

I seriously don't think I could have created an outfit around more clothes and accessories that I last wore in my childhood, thus in the 90s. I remember wearing flared jeans, denim jackets and my tattoo choker to primary school almost every day. My school days were also the last time I wore a backpack, which I replaced by handbags as soon as I noticed that was what the cool girls were doing. Even these multicoloured pearl bracelets could be a remnant from my childhood (but they're actually from a recent Tommy Hilfiger collection). So with all this obvious 90s fashion, what else could I have done than adapt my hairdo with some good old braid waves? Is anyone into helping me bring this hairdo back?


LUSH Mother's Day Range 2016

Geschenk Mammendag L√ętzebuerg 2016

While some mothers already got their presents, the Luxembourgish moms will have to wait until the second Sunday of June, when we celebrate Mother's Day. That's why Lush Luxembourg only invited us last Thursday to discover this year's Mother's Day range.


What Makes You Click On An Outfit Post?

outfit smiley loafers yellow black

What makes you click on an outfit post nowadays?

It’s not a secret that new blogs are popping up daily and that most of these are fashion blogs. The result: OOTDs as far as you can see. Is that abbreviation even still in use? To me it feels like a long gone past of fashion blogging. And still the hashtag #ootd has over 85 million results on Instagram. 85 million outfits that want to be looked at, liked, and commented. Obviously we all just follow a certain number of bloggers and it’s their outfit posts we check out on a regular basis. That’s why we mostly follow those girls and boys with a style that we admire, that we would even like to copy in some way. And still.


Outfit: Floral Peplum Corset For A Not So Average Spring Look

fashion blogger Luxembourg

Sometimes I compile my best outfits with old clothes. Mostly I get inspired by recent looks and trends, and instead of buying something new, I think of piece xy that I bought years ago for other reasons than I would buy it nowadays. The same happened to me with this floral peplum corset. I mean let's be honest, I wouldn't wear it as such with just a skirt anymore. Maybe because I'm too grown up by now, or because my style has become way too simplistic. However it seems like the fashion rule of the century is that everything looks good with an oversized white blouse. So that's what I tried with my corset and I couldn't love the result more.


Latest Obsession: Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bags

patchwork denim crossbody shoulder bags

Ever since I saw this awesome ripped denim bag from Michael Kors a few weeks ago, I knew denim patchwork bags would become my newest addiction. I am indeed lacking a pretty bag in the size of those above, but so far I've always hesitated buying one because I like my bags to be extremely versatile so that I can wear them with almost every outfit.


Outfit: DIY Patch Jeans

outfit DIY patch jeans

Sun is back so it was about time to shoot my DIY patch jeans! Even though I have quite a few patch clothes and accessories by now, I still don't find it really easy to combine them. Maybe because I'm a bit too obsessed with matching colours.


Impressions of Antwerp Press Days

Last week I was invited to various press days in Antwerp and thanks to UPR, who organised a shuttle for all Luxembourgish press people, I could go there without hassle. Press days are great for bloggers for several reasons. First of all you can see the trends of the next season before most other people, then you also get to know important people from the industry, and of course the parties and goodies are great fun, too.

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