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H&M Glove Granny Shoes Heels

Over the last few years there have been many shoe trends which you either loved or hated. Just think of Birkenstocks or flatforms. Granny shoes definitely have the potential to be in this list of make-or-break trends, too. As you can see I decided to adopt the trend, because what's not to love about comfortable ladylike shoes?
But what does actually make a pump a granny shoe? Obviously it has to look like it comes straight out of your grandmothers closet. This involves first of all a low comfortable block heel. Granny shoes furthermore don't have such a deep cutout as most modern heels have, which means that all your toes will be courteously covered. A last signature feature of the granny shoe is that it has thinner material and thus fits like a glove, which is why granny shoes are simultaneously called glove heels.
I think it's perfect that these shoes are being on-trend while jeans of all sorts are having their huge comeback. Because avoiding to look like a granny when wearing these pumps, is to combine them like your grandmother never would have. 

H&M Glove Granny Shoes Heels

H&M Glove Granny Shoes Heels

I found my perfect granny shoes at H&M, where they're also available in black, but Topshop has a model in pretty much every other colour, too. 

So guys, are you pro or contra granny shoes?

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