Outfit: Leaf Print Culottes

Yesterday was a quite warm spring day, so I dared to go bare-legged for the first time this year. I admit that my legs would have needed a tan first, but I simply told myself that I have this noble Snow White paleness to feel better about my complexion. I had to smirk when I saw that my boyfriend decided it's time for short pants, too. I think it's really funny that boys simply take out their short trousers one day in spring, and then wear them until the end of fall, no matter the weather. My best friend once explained to me that he wears short pants for 6 months a year, come what may come.
I must admit that I'm much more of a play it safe dresser. I prefer to go in boots on a sunny day for hours, rather than get a single raindrop on my sandals. That's why I also manage to wear jeans until July or so. What I therefor love about culottes is that they give you the security of pants but the airiness of a skirt. The best of both worlds!

(pictures by Kristiana)

blazer, top, culottes - H&M, boots - VAGABOND, bucket bag - LANCASTER, necklace - AGUADE

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