Do you Clean these Beauty Helpers Often Enough?

clean beauty tools

I think women have a really weird relationship with cleanliness. You probably all know the cliché of the girl who has a super tidy home but whose car looks like a mess. I think the same applies to most of us, just in different areas of our lives. For example one girl may always keep her makeup storage super tidy, but make a huge mess in the kitchen. Another one may only clean her room sporadically but have the neatest bag.
And seriously girls, there's nothing bad about that. Me at least I've always celebrated a little mess in some areas of my life. However when it comes to beauty tools and products, being hygienic is not so much about impressing visitors, but actually about keeping your body pretty and healthy.
So let's have a look at some beauty helpers that most of us (me included) probably don't clean often enough.

1. Brushes

The tip to clean your brushes in order to prevent breakouts is an oldie, but does that mean you do it often enough? Probably not and I really hope your excuse isn't that you haven't found the right brush cleaner yet, because baby shampoo will do the trick! I wrote a post just about brush cleaning and what to take care of here

2. Hairbrush

Have you ever felt like your hair gets greasy super quickly no matter what do you? Maybe you can blame it on your hairbrush! Me for example I use a heat protector oil, which I also dispense with my hairbrush. No wonder it gets greasy super quickly. I remember when I was a child my grandma regularly cleaned all of their hairbrushes and combs in a sink with soap and warm water, leaving them soak for a while. And it's really as easy as this! In order to get your hair out of the brush you can also use shaving foam, which will lift the hair as it expands. Repeat once a month.

3. Tweezer and Manicure Tools

Have you ever noticed that good beauty salons disinfect all their metallic tools? This is mainly to prevent infections such as nail fungus from demising from one client to another. Even if you don't have any infections and are using your tweezer and manicure tools alone, it's never a bad idea to clean them from time to time. I simply do so with a cotton pad and some sanitiser every few months.

4. Tube Caps

One thing most people certainly never clean are the closing caps of creams or other beauty products. However it happens really quickly that some product gets stuck in them. As that bit of cream will be exposed to the air, it might also get moldy, especially when you use organic beauty products. Therefor always make sure there's no residue on the lid after using a beauty product, and if there is some, remove it with a wet towel from time to time. 

5. Washcloths and Towels

Sometimes those products we think are contributing to getting us better skin, can be those that make it all worse. That certainly applies to washcloths and towels, if they aren't being replaced often enough. If your washcloth starts smelling weird it's already too late! I use a fresh washcloth every day. The same goes for towels. The best will always be to use a separate one for your face, but if you use the same as for your hands, you should throw it in the wash basket after two days or so.

So girls, when was the last time you cleaned all of these tools?

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