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beauty empties april review primark beauty

April, and thus a really crazy month, is coming to an end. Not only was it crazy when it comes to the weather (the warmest sunshine and snow took turns here in Luxembourg), but also when it comes to my live. At the beginning of the month I finished my master's thesis and now I've already been doing my internship at a local magazine for two weeks. Blogwise there have been some exciting things going on as well, as for example the collaboration with Femmes Magazine or the press trip to Antwerp (all things you could follow on my social media channels). Being so busy obviously also meant that I didn't have that much time to actually create content for the blog, but the recent events definitely gave me some inspirations for future posts and projects. Today however, I want to update you with an old classic on my blog, namely a review of the beauty products I emptied or sorted out this month. 

LUSH "Whip Stick" Lip Balm

This month I sorted out quite a few old cosmetic products and this lip balm was one of them. I really loved it because of the cocoa smell and because it moisturized my lips really well thanks to the almond oil and the beeswax. It also didn't feel as artificial on my lips as some other products. However I didn't manage to empty it as I'm not a regular lip balm user after all, and so it turned all hard over time.

SEPHORA Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover "The Makeup Eraser"

This is one of those oily makeup removers that you have to shake before use. I really like them as they remove my mascara better than any other product I've tried so far. I didn't try the makeup remover on waterproof mascara but was really surprised how quickly it removed my regular mascara. However the cheaper alternative from Garnier is just as good so I will stick with that one.  

GARNIER Ultra Doux Dry Shampoo Vanilla Extract

I know some girls swear by dry shampoo but it didn't manage to convince me so far. Even though my hair looked slightly less greasy after I applied this one from Garnier, it definitely didn't work wonders on me. Furthermore I had the feeling that a few hours after using the dry shampoo, my hair would look greasier than before. Also the smell was a bit strong and annoyed me after a while. All in all I liked the Garnier one least of all dry shampoos I tried so far. 

PRIMARK "Intellilips" Intelligent Lipgloss

I bought this lip gloss years ago at Primark in London and it was the first lip gloss that I actually really liked. It is colourless but as soon as you apply it to your lips, it enhances their natural colour. The result looks different on everyone, which is really like magic! The texture was really pleasant as well, because it was all light and not sticky at all. Definitely an awesome quality regarding where I bought it!

PRIMARK "Fatal Retraction" Retractable Pencil And Smudger

At the same time I also bought this kohl liner which wass really convenient because of the thin point that you could retract, and the integrated smudging sponge. However the kohl wasn't really long-lasting and didn't stay in place that well. 

I LOVE... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath And Shower Cream

Do you know these candies that are shaped like the fruit they taste of? Now this shower gel smelled exactly like those raspberry candies! Really delicious and the strong pink colour was awesome to look at, too. Unfortunately I didn't notice that you could use it as a bubble bath, too so I don't know if it would actually be foaming or not. But it would definitely make a really well-scented bath. 

What were your beauty discoveries of the month?

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