Outfit: Too Hipster for my Little Sister

I admit I had mixed feelings when I left the house with this outfit. My thoughts were wobbling between "I'm such a badass fashion blogger" and "Can I really bring this outfit in Luxembourg?". As always when I'm not sure about an outfit, I asked my sister how it looks and her answer was "Like a hipster". I'm glad I left the house too quickly to wait for my mother's opinion as I'm pretty sure she would have compared my outfit with that of a ragpicker.
Later on when I joined my friend Ankie in the train she welcome me with the words "I think I never saw you in sneakers!". Which is perfectly true and which reassured me a bit. After all my outfit couldn't be that fancy when the sneakers got most of the attention, right? After having spent 8 hours in this look, and after seeing the photos I'm about too share, I'm convinced that the outfit wasn't too bad after all, and I would consider wearing it again in summer without leggings.

vest - MANGO, pullover - ANA SOUSA, maxi dress, leggings - H&M, sneakers - ADIDAS "Stan Smith"

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