How to Wear Bomber Jackets (+ Where to Buy Yours)

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Be it in the military version with cool patches or in baby pink for the girly girl - Bomber jackets are the trend of the season. Their often shiny material adds some instant excitement to any outfit and the fact that they are so easily layerable makes them the ideal transitional jacket for this spring. Wearing them isn't hard at all, like these bloggers have already been proving lately:

1. Casual with Jeans + Sneakers

When I think of bomber jackets I also immediately think of sneakers. They have this nonchalant vibe that says "I'm too cool to care about high heels". Just add ripped jeans and you'll have the perfect model-off-duty look. As for the top you can easily trade knits for a white blouse as soon as it gets warmer.

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 (Picture by Sweet Freckles)

2. Sexy with a Black Dress

Most people associate bomber jackets with a laid-back look which makes it easy to create a more exciting outfit by wearing them with a sexy black dress. It's up to you whether you keep the look really fashionable with elegant jewellery or more grungy with black lips. Some patches will add a really cool twist and can easily be purchased on Etsy in case you don't find a bomber jacket with the fun accessories. 

 (Picture by Beeswonderland)

(Picture by Rebel Rose)

(Picture by The Pile Of Style)

3. Where to Buy Yours

Most bomber jackets that I've seen on blogs so far came from Stradivarius and the brand seems to have made bomber jackets their trademark lately. When accessing the site you'll immediately find a "bomber" category with the jackets below in every colour you could wish for. The prices lie between 30€ and 70€, so you can even dare to order your bomber jacket if you aren't sure about the trend yet. 

stradivarius bomber jackets

What's your oppinion on bomber jackets? Have you already ordered yours or are you afraid (like me) they'll make you look chubby?

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