Beauty Empties March

I don't know how about you, but sometimes I really like to go on a beauty break. Mostly this happens automatically when I'm busy with university stuff so I don't have time for pampering and as I don't leave the house really often, I also don't need to put on makeup on a daily basis. No need to say that writing a master's thesis is definitely keeping me on such a beauty break currently. Maybe that's the reason why the only thing I'm steadily emptying right now are hair care products...

GARNIER Fructis "Prachtauffüller" shampoo and conditioner

I have written a review of this whole range here some time ago. Back then I didn't like the shampoo because it made my hair all tangly. However I didn't notice this effect at further use anymore so I continued using the shampoo. The range was meant to make the hair all voluminous, which I can't confirm. To me after using both products my hair looked as always. The only reason to buy these products is still the lovely pomegranate smell. 

CATTIER Aloe Vera Clay Mask

As I already told you in my post about organic beauty brands, this face mask was definitely one of my favourite beauty discoveries lately. Clay is always a great ingredient to get clear skin so after using this mask my complexion looked all pure and radiant. Even though I don't have sensitive skin I don't react well to all face masks, but this one is really gentle. The tube only contains 40ml but I could use it weekly for several months as the texture isn't too thick.

Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill" mascara

This black mascara has a regular brush shape, not too large and not too small. The texture is rather dry, compared to L'Oréal's Million Lashes for example. Therefor the mascara was also slightly more crumbly than what you would expect from an expensive brand. Even though it got me dense back lashes, it didn't really make them considerably longer.

Weleda Wild Rose Lotion

I mainly used this lotion as hand cream as I liked the quick drying formula, which is light and moisturizing at the same time. The lotion furthermore left my hands with a healthy glow. The rose smell was good at first but became slightly sour after the cream had expired. As always with Weleda products the verdict is to use them up quickly. (P.S.: Don't judge me for not being able to use up a 20ml bottle of cream, I just had too many others open, too...)

GARNIER Ultra Doux Henna shampoo

This used to be my favourite shampoo when I was in high school. Now that I used it again I know why. It is for brown hair but the henna makes it shine reddishly, which I loved as a teenager as I always wanted to have ginger hair. Even though I'm currently more into a chocolate-brown look I will continue to use this shampoo as it makes the hair really shiny thanks to the contained mulberry vinegar. And as all Ultra Doux shampoos it obviously also smells quite nice. 

Have you made any awesome beauty discoveries lately which you think I should try? 

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