3 Outfit Combinations to Try this Weekend

outfit weekend wear ideas

Already last month I suggested three fresh looks for the weekend, with the goal to encourage you to try new outfit combinations and be a bit more daring with your wardrobe. However this kind of post also has a practical utility for me, as it helps me to keep track of all the great trends and outfit combinations I come across on fashion blogs. Unfortunately I don't always have the possibility to try the looks on myself, as I don't have all the required clothes. For example I recently saw some girls wearing off-the-shoulder sweaters again, a piece that is definitely lacking in my closet!
So I'm thinking of doing these posts every month now so that you and I have some kind of scrapbook we can go back to if we need some outfit ideas or don't know what investment is much needed in our wardrobe. If you like the idea make sure to also check last month's post featuring bomber jackets, flared jeans and camisole dresses!

Nr. 1: Off-the-Shoulder Sweater & Blouse

Believe it or not, but off-the-shoulder sweaters are having a comeback. I remember owning a pink one when I was in high school but never in my life would I have come up with the idea of wearing it with a blouse underneath. However I recently saw the look on Nina from Fashiioncarpet and it was love at first sight. She even wore the outfit with white culottes, another piece I would never have added to the two pieces above. I admit this is a combination for the fashion pros among you, but why not try it with jeans to begin with? 

outfit weekend wear ideas

Nr. 2: Peplum Sleeves & Leather Style Pants

Peplum sleeves are getting more and more popular, too and I can never resist a fancy blouse. I wouldn't wear them with a skirt though, so I added faux leather pants to this look. And as I rediscovered my love for crossbody bags (remember my latest outfit post?), I decided to add this really cute bag with a tassel detail. Seriously who needs Chloé when you can get this affordable alternatives? 

outfit weekend wear ideas

Nr. 3: Sleeveless Turtleneck & Lace-up Heels

I am such a huge fan of these sleeveless turtlenecks and I really wish I had more trained arms so they would look better on me. However I think they look best on petite girls. As they are a statement in themselves, you can simply wear them with white pants and some pretty heels.

Which current trends and looks would you like to wear next? 

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  1. The light colors are amazing!



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