Beauty Empties March

I don't know how about you, but sometimes I really like to go on a beauty break. Mostly this happens automatically when I'm busy with university stuff so I don't have time for pampering and as I don't leave the house really often, I also don't need to put on makeup on a daily basis. No need to say that writing a master's thesis is definitely keeping me on such a beauty break currently. Maybe that's the reason why the only thing I'm steadily emptying right now are hair care products...


All You Need to Know about Instagram's Algorithm Changes

instagram algorithm changes instagram

If you've been on Instagram this weekend, you'll have noticed a bunch of "Tun on Notifications" messages. Even though some users explained what it's all about, it may not be clear to all of you. The source of the fuss is a post on Instagram's blog, stating that Instagram will change the order in which you see photos in your feed. It claims that we miss an average of 70% of the photos in our feed, which is why Instagram wants to increase the chances that you actually see the photos of your favourite users.


Food Photography Tips from Anne Faber

As announced on Facebook I participated in a food photography workshop with Luxembourg's favourite cookbook author Anne Faber last weekend. Even though I don't publish recipes on Clothes and Camera anymore, I still love myself a good #foodporn picture on my Instagram account. Furthermore I though that food photography tips are probably also applicable on the kind of beauty photography I do for my blog, so I was really curious about the tips she'd share with us. As they were really good and I learned quite a few photography hacks, I decided to share them with you in this post.


Spring/Summer Trend: Multi Patch Mania

iron on patch clothes accessories spring/summer 2016.

Iron on patches are back! Do you remember them from your childhood? I know my mum always had a bunch of iron on flowers, teddy bears and other motives to cover up holes in the jeans and sweaters of me and my siblings. No need to say I hated them back then. When you're 10 but feeling like 13 you don't want cute motives on your clothes, you just want the holes in your jeans and new sweaters anyway.


Outfit: Too Hipster for my Little Sister

I admit I had mixed feelings when I left the house with this outfit. My thoughts were wobbling between "I'm such a badass fashion blogger" and "Can I really bring this outfit in Luxembourg?". As always when I'm not sure about an outfit, I asked my sister how it looks and her answer was "Like a hipster". I'm glad I left the house too quickly to wait for my mother's opinion as I'm pretty sure she would have compared my outfit with that of a ragpicker.


UPR Shopping Tour

In my last post I already told you that I had a crazy busy week and now I can finally tell you more about one of the events that made my week so busy. On Thursday the pr company UPR had invited some Luxembourgish press to a shopping tour around Luxembourg city. This meant shopping with vouchers and discounts, meeting lovely people, being informed about this year's spring/summer collections, and going home with lots of goodies. Curious for more details? Keep reading about the several stops of our shopping tour:


Outfit: Impromptu Choker

It's Thursday evening as I'm writing this and I'm pretty exhausted. I had a really busy week so far and if I wouldn't feel it in my body, I would notice it by the number of photos I still have to share with you. These outfit pictures were in fact already taken on Monday when I was in Luxembourg city for an interesting event (which I hope to be able to tell you more about soon). Before the event I met up with fellow blogger Kimberly and it was nice to get to know her a bit better. You can check out the pics I took for her on her blog aesthetics scene.


How I Edit my Instagram Pictures (Update)

Pretty much exactly one year ago, I did a post on how I edit my Instagram pictures (click here to read it). By now the style of my feed has slightly changed and I've discovered some new editing methods that work better for me now. Funnily enough this post will mainly be about the app VSCO, which I didn't like back when I wrote my first post, but which could convince me in the end. Also in this post I will purely concentrate on editing photos but if you're also interested in creating a cohesive feed, you might wanna read my tips on prettifying your Instagram feed.


Winter Outfit Recap

My recent outfits tell me it's officially spring. My coat will soon be replaced by a light trench and my booties will stay in my closet more and more frequently, especially now that I finally bought myself some sneakers. Looking back on my winter outfits however, I must admit that some looks were already rather springlike, mostly due to the warm winter we had. My colour scheme for last season is pretty clear, and won't change for spring either. Which is good as it allows me to sneak from my winter wardrobe from time to time on chillier days. Which of the following looks was your favourite? 


Outfit: Spring Attire

After it had been sunny all week and as I didn't know what else to wear for my sister's birthday party yesterday, I decided it was time to fall back on my spring attire. I had bought these striped palazzo pants to go to Barcelona last summer and I couldn't wait to get them out of my closet again this year. The same goes for my beloved blue trench coat, which I bought at Mango in Maastricht last spring.


Nail Polish Trend: Matte Nudes

matte nude nail polish trend 2016

If there is one beauty product that is extremely hyped at the moment, then it's surely the Kylie Kenner lip kit. Even though I don't really get the hype around the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan and everything they do and produce, I still think that the lip kit colours are pretty nice, especially the matte nudes. And matte nude is not just the keyword when it comes to recent makeup trends, but also manicures are tending more and more towards nudes again.


90s Braids You'll Love to Wear this Summer


Have I ever told you that I'm super bad at doing my hair? I mean I can do simple braids and I've gotten quite decent buns right (when my hair was at a good length), but that's about it. Whatever other hairdo you can think of and that looks so effortless on other girls (speaking of messy buns, soft waves, fishtail braids,...) is a hell lot of work for me and so I mostly don't even try it. This may be due to the fact that I have extremely thick and straight hair, which is not that easy to handle (even for pros).


3 Outfit Combinations to Try this Weekend

outfit weekend wear ideas

Already last month I suggested three fresh looks for the weekend, with the goal to encourage you to try new outfit combinations and be a bit more daring with your wardrobe. However this kind of post also has a practical utility for me, as it helps me to keep track of all the great trends and outfit combinations I come across on fashion blogs. Unfortunately I don't always have the possibility to try the looks on myself, as I don't have all the required clothes. For example I recently saw some girls wearing off-the-shoulder sweaters again, a piece that is definitely lacking in my closet!


Women's Day: 7 Ways to Empower Female Friends

Women's Day: 6 Ways to Empower your Female Friends

I've always loved to be a woman and I never felt deprived or oppressed in my life. However I perfectly know that this is mainly due to the fact that I've grown up in a family and country without too many outdated opinions. I also know that women didn't always have the chance that I have nowadays.


Brand Collaborations: When to Say No

Declining Blogger Collaborations

Whether they started blogging for the fun or for the money, every blogger is happy to get their first collaboration request. And seriously there is nothing bad about cooperating with brands, in fact it has even some benefits you might not have thought of. First of all you'll get something to write about. This doesn't only fill your blogging schedule, but also allows you to present new products and ideas to your readers. Then you will also get more known in the blogosphere, as the brands will be likely to share your posts, or you will attract new readers that are interested in the brand you worked with. One of the most important things however, is that cooperations will teach you how to treat your blog like a business. Most of us didn't learn at school how to contact a brand appropriately or how to deal with a  press office. Much less how to negotiate and set up a contract to our own benefits.


Outfit: About Coat Slinging and Crossbody Bags

coat slinging and crossbody bag

Have you ever noticed what huge impact coats and bags can make on an outfit? I mean without those two pieces this outfit would just be a sweater, pants and shoes. Boring, right? However it does make a difference how you wear your coat and bag. If you just throw your coat over your shoulders you look way more effortless than when you properly put on your coat like a good girl. Btw, did you know that this technique of not putting your arms through your jacket is called 'coat slinging'? A similar trend can recently be observed with (bomber) jackets which are coolest worn off-the-shoulder.


How to Wear Bomber Jackets (+ Where to Buy Yours)

(picture by Fashionkarussell)

Be it in the military version with cool patches or in baby pink for the girly girl - Bomber jackets are the trend of the season. Their often shiny material adds some instant excitement to any outfit and the fact that they are so easily layerable makes them the ideal transitional jacket for this spring. Wearing them isn't hard at all, like these bloggers have already been proving lately:


Outfit: Suddenly a Sneakers Girl?

streetstyle boyfriend jeans adidas stan smith sneakers

Leo finally got an Oscar, I got my first pair of sneakers - Wonders never cease! Seriously I was never a sneakers person. After I had discovered ballet flats and booties for myself I basically didn't need any other shoes. I also never considered my style as sporty and I even used to tell myself that the sporty look must be awkward on people who don't look like they even do sports (weird thought, right?).

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