My Valentine's Day as a Single vs. as a Girlfriend/Fiancée

thoughts about Valentine's Day Single in Couple

I know some of you single ladies will be rolling their eyes at the title of this post, as you're surely expecting tragedy, kitsch and butterflies. However don't roll your pretty eyes yet, as my story isn't quite going in that direction. To me, Valentine's Day is about as special as International Sweatpants Day, a nice occasion to wear something different, but that's about it. Therefor I wasn't going to write about it at all, and I was certainly not going to join in the "shop sexy underwear"-game, which is nothing but a spawn of consumerism (which, to my guilt, I have been supporting here on the blog before). But let's go over to the actual story:

Valentine's Day as a Single

I haven't been single for over 7 years, but I remember the time all too well. It was in high school, and you know how cruel high school can be. Back at the time every single was happy if Valentine's Day used to be on a weekend, as you didn't have to watch the tragedy of overflowing flower shops and desperate girls buying their own roses. Oh believe me, this senseless day has made me desperate, too. I never got as low as to buy myself a rose, but me and the single ladies in my clique asked our male best friends to get us flowers instead. Pretty lame, too. VD obviously was, and still is the one day that makes you realise that you're alone like no other day. So I was desperately waiting for the time when I would finally have a boyfriend who'd bring me flowers and make me feel loved. Which leads us to...

Valentine's Day in a Couple

So there he was, my knight in shining armour (to talk kitsch here), and I thought he would be the solution to all my flower problems (weird how a single rose can make you feel special, right?). Funnily our first Valentine's Day together was on a weekend, and instead of bringing me a single rose (all I ever wished for), he showed up with a new iPod. Which was of course super sweet as I had gotten mine stolen a few weeks before. However I guess it was at that time that I noticed that Valentine's Day isn't a magical day full of flowers and love, but just yet another day that makes you feel like you should spend money in order to express a feeling that couldn't be about materialism any less. To be honest I don't remember all of the Valentine's Days my fiancé and I spent together, probably because we agreed on not making a big fuss about it. This certainly took a lot of pressure from me, and now if a friend asks what we'll be doing on Valentine's Day, I'm not ashamed to say that we'll be staying at home, watching TV. And if people don't understand it I'm quoting my fiancé who once said: "Valentine's Day is for everybody, I prefer to celebrate our anniversary which is our special day."

Okay I admit it got a bit kitschy in the end, but I guess what I'm trying to say here is that no matter whether you're in a relationship or not, there really is no need to freak out about Valentine's Day and go bankrupt on underwear, chocolates and flowers. In the end all of these gifts have a way more special meaning on any random day, than on a day when they're supposed to "surprise" you. 

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