Tried and Tested: Lush Unicorn Horn

Long time no Lush post, right? As you know the "fresh handmade cosmetics" brand offers special collections for different occasions, and one of them is Valentine's Day. As the collection is about the same as last time, I decided to finally review the "Unicorn Horn" which I already got last year (along with this other stuff). It is a bubble bar which comes in magical rainbow colours and has glitter and stars on it. According to Lush's website it contains lavender and neroli oil which contribute to making us feel relaxed and happy.
I used the whole bubble bar for my bath and I crumbled it under the running water, which started foaming immediately. The Unicorn Horn is probably the best foaming bath product I tried from Lush so far, which gives it a big thumbs up. The next thing I noticed was pretty pink bath water, as you can see on my pictures below. Everybody who saw my Snapchat story yesterday also knows that the water was sparkling really nicely and I loved how decent the glitter was. With some Lush products you have a bathtub full of glitter afterwards, but here the dose was just right. There are also some stars on the bar which also floated through the water while I took a bath, and only dissolved towards the end of my bath time.
The smell was pretty decent for a Lush product even though I couldn't really say what it actually smelled of. Sweet, with the typical Lush-smell, but not so much of lavender. The consistency also felt nice on my skin, it wasn't too greasy but still felt nourishing so just perfect as I always take a shower after bathing anyway.
All in all my review is pretty positive and I'd say this is the perfect bubble bath to share with your loved one if (s)he likes pink. 

Which products from the Lush Valentine's collection have you tried this year?


  1. you gotta love Lush! I haven't try any new product from Lush this year :(

  2. You know this is the second review of Lush's unicorn horn I've seen and I'm thinking I need to get one. Great review!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. If you like to take long baths then this is definitely a good choice :)


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