Tips for a Successful Shooting in the Snow

bonn schnee snow 2012

One of the good things about living in the North of Luxembourg, is that you see snow before everybody else does. And you get snow way more often, too. Today for example I saw some snowflakes fall from the sky, while most other people in the country only saw rain and grey clouds. Okay it's not as magical as it sounds because by now everything has turned into white sludge. But you get my point: I like snow. Mainly because it turns the evergreen and ever-same landscape we have over here into a white winter wonderland, which makes it perfect for outfit shootings. Basically there are just really few things you need to consider, so let's have a look at them together with some examples of how some of my favourite Luxembourgish bloggers were rocking snow shootings:


As I said huge snow masses can turn almost every landscape into a shoot-worthy setting. That's a good reason to go check some locations you would normally never use for outfit photos, like a wood or the path behind your house. Just make sure there's enough snow so everything is nicely covered in white. Also consider whether the snow at your ideal location should still be untouched or cleared away at some places. While cities can quickly look grey and muddy since the snow is being shovelled away immediately, an untouched wood path therefor requires high boots. 

outfit shooting snow wood

While it's Snowing

Pictures taken while it's still snowing can be particularly magical so it's definitely worth going out as soon as there is a thin white layer on the streets. However snow is basically just frozen water which will result in wet hair sooner or later. So you either need to be super quick when shooting, or add a pretty hat to your outfit. 

outfit shooting snow city

Sunshine + Snow

Sunshine and snow are a wonderful combination but this combination also results in extreme brightness. If you plan on shooting around noon you better look for a place in the shadow. Chances that you'll be dazzled with light are still quite high in the shadow or at golden hour, so you better take a pair of sunglasses as you won't want pictures with half closed eyes.

outfit shooting snow wood

Grey + Foggy

Usually most bloggers try to avoid shooting when it's cloudy and misty, but it's definitely worth also giving this weather a chance when there is snow. The white will naturally lighten up your pictures and the neutral sky colour is perfect to highlight dark outfits. 

outfit shooting snow

Have you had the possibility to enjoy some snow already this year? What are your ultimate tips for shooting in a winter wonder land? 


  1. Really good post. I'd love to have a shoot in the snow!


  2. Thank you so much for including me!!!! I think once I've already told you, but I will repeat again: you are so creative! you always come up with great topics for your blog! :))

    1. Oh thank you dear :) When I saw your post I knew I wanted to feature it on my blog somehow so that's how the idea was born ;)

  3. It can be such a struggle I know! :D But I always like that it's so light because of the snow which makes the lightning pretty good sometimes.



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