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This whole week I really felt like spring cleaning so I went through pretty much all the stuff I have in my room and threw away what I don't need anymore. I also went through all of my clothes and noticed that there was one colour scheme seriously missing in my wardrobe. While I do have some beige knitwear, I am pretty poor in nude classics like coats or pants. Why have I been missing out on this goodness for so long? Probably because I was too busy considering whether I'm an all-black-everything type of girl, or if the "colourful" side in me is too strong to give up on green, pink and orange clothes.
If you're anything like me, chances are you've been missing out on the benefits of nude shades like blush, beige, or apricot, too. However as the outfits above proof, they can create an elegant look in no time and you can mix and match them as your heart desires and still look classy. For the ultimate nude look, pair them with white and matching heels and you're good to go. If your closet is lacking some easy elegance, too, you can simply shop my selection below:

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