Looking Good on No-Makeup Days (and why you should do them, too!)

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Lately I've been asking myself a question: Do we still wear makeup everyday because we think we can't leave the house without, or simply because it has turned into something society expects from us? I've been going without makeup a lot lately. At first only to university but there no one cares because towards the end of the semester most people are glad if they're still able to get properly dressed. However I've also been to some more social events without any makeup lately and I didn't feel out of place. People treated me like always and I'm pretty sure some didn't even see a difference.
However I noticed that lots of girls don't feel comfortable with the idea of going completely naked. And I'm not fooling you here, I still have issues with my bare skin, too, mainly because I don't have a really clear complexion. However I feel like forcing myself to do these no-makeup days from time to time, made me gain a lot of self-confidence (partly because my skin has improved) and now I can also appreciate both my made up and my bare face much more than I did before. Not to mention that I'm drastically skimping on makeup remover!
So I think you get my point: Doing a no-makeup day from time to time has awesome benefits. However we still want to look good in public, right? So the trick is to adopt a beauty routine that makes you look radiant and awake even without foundation, rouge and mascara.

1. Clear Skin

I am the first person to understand that you'll want to cover up impurities so in order to have a good no-makeup experience you'll need to get rid of them first. One of the things I swear on are clay masks, which will not only clear out your pores, but also leave your skin all bright. (I talked about some other good ingredients for clear skin in this post.)
Another thing I always try to cover up with foundation are my blackheads. So it's time to become a regular user of clear out strips. 
However what has helped me most in gaining a better complexion was to simply use less products. At the moment I'm limiting myself to water and face cream plus a scrub and face mask once a week. Everything else became useless once I cut back on makeup. 

2. Radiant Skin

If you have that certain glow people won't even notice you don't wear makeup. However you don't need highlighter to make your skin look radiant. I've recently discovered a beauty concentrate which works a bit like a primer, slightly hiding pores and wrinkles. It has a really decent tinting and whenever I use it I look like after a day out in the summer sun. The same effect can be achieved with any face oil.
However I don't look radiant when my eyes look tired so I like to use an eye cream with a pearlescent finish (Bebe More "Beautiful Eyes"). All in all whenever a product says that it has light-reflecting ingredients you can be sure that it helps you to look all fresh. 

3. Highlights

When I really want to look like I took care of myself, then I highlight my eyebrows, lashes and lips. On your eyebrows can you work with a wax or simply trim them with some hairspray on a clean mascara brush. Basically when your eyebrows are neatly plucked you will always look good.
For my lashes I simply use an eyelash curler which gives my eyes an instant lift.
And finally lip balm is no makeup so make them lips shine, too!

What are your no-makup hacks? Has anybody else seen benefits from going bare from time to time?


  1. I definitely want to have more no makeup days, because I don't use makeup only once a week (when I'm sure I'll stay at home). Though, of course, I can do some errands (groceries, post office etc.) without putting on makeup, but right now I can't imagine going to work or an event bare faced. I guess I just kind of need to build my confidence more in being comfortable in my own skin :)
    Thanks for the article Carmen, it was surely informative and inspiring!


    1. Yay, I'm so glad you could benefit from this post! I'm sure you'll find the confidence to go without makeup, soon! After all you're a pretty girl ;) Feel free to tell me how it works!


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