Growing out a Fringe in 3 Steps

hairdos to grow out a fringe in 3 steps

As announced here last month, I'm currently growing out my straight fringe. One of the reasons why I haven't done this earlier, is the awkward stage of mid-length fringe-hair I didn't wanna deal with. However there are some really easy ways to style a fringe at the different growing-out stages without looking like you can't afford a hairdresser. The best part is that you do indeed not need a hairdresser until your fringe is at chin-length. My tips also work without bobby pins, hairbands, or any other tools.

hairdos to grow out a fringe in 3 steps

Step 1:

Everybody who has had a straight fringe knows that it becomes too long more quickly than you can book hairdresser appointments. As soon as your fringe reaches the middle of your lid it starts getting annoying. In this stage you may wanna keep on styling your fringe straight but slightly part it in the middle afterwards. Like this you still have something to cover your forehead (if that's why you got the fringe in the first place) but it won't fall into your eyes. This hairdo looks really cute with a ponytail or curly hair.

hairdos to grow out a fringe in 3 steps

Step 2:

As soon as your fringe is long enough (i.e. at the length of your eyes) you can style it sideways. Therefor you only have to part your hair on one side and comb the biggest part of your fringe to the other side. Don't try to get all of your fringe to one side as some wisps will still be to short. Instead try to straighten the leftover part into your other hair. You can also try to adjust your fringe a bit to this new hairdo by cutting it sideways along the direction you combed it to. 

hairdos to grow out a fringe in 3 steps

Step 3:

As soon as your side-fringe doesn't look voluminous anymore (i.e. as soon as it reaches your cheekbone) you can go back to parting your hair in the middle of your head. The difference to step one is that you don't treat your fringe like a fringe anymore, but simply style it like the rest of your hair towards both sides.

Once your fringe has reached chin-length, it gets time to see a hairdresser so (s)he can adjust your ex-fringe to the rest of your hair. It took me three months to go from the straight fringe in the first photo, the the length I'm currently having in the last photo. You should thus count at least one year to grow out a fringe to the length of a lob.

Who else is currently growing out their fringe or wants to in the future? Do you know any other cute hairdos for the growing-out period?


  1. It can be really hard in those in between periods. I feel lucky that I've wanted to keep my fringe for the last 6 years.

    1. I was happy with mine for 10 years but now I think it's time for a change ;)


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