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best instagram accounts luxembourg

Luxembourg just won a grammy! Well, let's say an African singer got a Grammy and Luxembourg is happy about it because her songs were recorded with a Luxembourgish orchestra lead by some Luxembourgish guy. As you can hear this doesn't get me all too excited but I thought it would nevertheless be a nice transition to today's post, which is also about my small homeland.
Some of you might remember that I did a post about my favourite Instagram accounts from Luxembourgish people some time ago (check it out here). Meanwhile I discovered some other really talented people on my favourite app and I don't want to hide their accounts from you.
If you're from Luxembourg these accounts will surely be useful in informing you about the latest hot spots but even if you're far, far away from Europe, you surely don't mind some #foodporn, #eyecandy and #inspo, right?


Kimberly is a Luxembourgish blogger who recently moved to Berlin where she launched a new fashion and street style blog. Her pictures all have a minimalistic black and white style, only suspended by her pink hair and her occasionally colourful outfits. 


Also Jenny has moved from Luxembourg to Berlin where she photographs "mostly food, coffee and other random daily bits". She truly mastered the use of a specific filter which makes all her pictures go perfectly together. 


Natasa originally comes from Serbia but is currently "lost in Luxembourg". For her stay here she chose one of the prettiest areas to live in, namely the picturesque castle town Vianden. Her pictures of the Vianden castle are surely among the best I've seen so far, but she also magically captures her travels to other European countries. 


This lady who never shows her face and doesn't tell her name, comes from the French city Lyon. On her Instagram account she doesn't only capture the magic of Luxembourg and France, but also takes some lovely fashion and beauty related snaps.


Another lady who won't tell us her name but who lets us take part in her life as a model in Luxembourg. Her pictures are fashionable and artistic at the same time. 


Olivia has been living in Luxembourg for some years but regularly travels to Paris where she works for Givenchy. She only started her blog a few months ago but is already pretty successful with her outfits that are the perfect mixture of luxurious and affordable brands.


Lynn is an illustrator and architect who lives between Aachen and Luxembourg. Her illustrations are colourful and full of joie the vivre (and sometimes even animated).


Ariane is another luxembourgish blogger who currently studies in Utrecht. Her style is really elegant and she has a gorgeous taste when it comes to bags, shoes and other accessories. 


This lady works as a stylist for Karen Millen and doesn't only show off her personal style, but also some of the high-end stores in Luxembourg.


Kaori originates from Japan but currently lives between Luxembourg and Leuven. She doesn't only feature amazing travel and food shots, but thanks to her co-blogger @christinexuan also highly professional outfit photos.

You know I always love to discover some inspiring Instagram accounts so don't hesitate to tell me your current favourites or leave your own handle! I would of course also love you to the moon and back if you'd go and check out my humble account, too... (this way please). And if after all this you still can't get enough of those square snaps you should go and check out the hashtag #blogger_LU, which will lead you straight to our local bloggers' accounts. 


  1. Très chouette comme article ! Plein de découverte :)

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely accounts! going to check them now :)


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