3 Outfit Combinations to Try this Weekend

creative outfit combinations

What if I told you that I have a solution for the "nothing to wear" phenomenon of our generation? And what if I also told you that it is absolutely free and that you don't need to get rid of any of your hundreds of beloved clothes? Sounds pretty good right? Well it is possible with a simple method which I've discovered for myself over the last few months. Curious?
The trick is fairly easy as all you have to do to make it up with your wardrobe is to combine your old clothes in new ways. I've done it myself in most of my outfit posts last year and even though it sometimes didn't work, I also got some new favourite outfits just from experimenting with old clothes. Without a little practise it can be hard at first to see what will make a nice match as you're probably so used to wearing some clothes in the always same combinations. Therefor I compiled three outfits for you, that will give you a good idea of how you can come up with creative new looks.

Nr. 1: Bomber Jacket & Culottes

If you're a play-it-safe girl like me, you probably wouldn't come up with the idea of combining the three pieces in the picture above. I mean they are all statement pieces and all so shiny! If I'm honest my usual look would either be a bomber jacket (yes they're trendy again) with a white shirt and jeans, or the culottes with a plain white blouse. However those are combinations you get easily bored of so make a statement and combine a bold top with bold pants.

creative outfit combinations

Nr. 2: Victorian Blouse & Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are being considered as the symbol of the ongoing 70s trend, which is why most people also combine them with other 70s trend pieces like for example a turtleneck. However why not combine this piece of the 20st century with one from the 19th century (a Victorian blouse) and one from the 21st century (a long vest)? Sounds like a disastrous mishmash but looks quite good, don't you think?

creative outfit combinations

Nr. 3: Turtleneck Sweater & Camisole Dress

Camisole dresses and tops are among the most delicate pieces of clothing you can find. Therefor combining them with a sweater and sneakers will create a big contrast, which is good as contrasts are what make a look interesting. The critical factor to not looking disguised is to stick with neutral colours, ideally black and white. 

Have you already discovered the magic of re-combining old clothes or are you guilty of always wearing the same combinations? Which of the above looks would you like to try this weekend? 

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  1. I am definitely guilty of always wearing the same combinations but the flared jeans outfit intrigues me. I'll have to see if the flared jeans I've been holding on to still fit me... Not feeling too optimistic though :D x

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