Beauty Empties February

beauty empties february review

Another month is over and my initiative to use up as many opened beauty products as possible definitely becomes noticeable in the number of products I get to review every month lately. I find it quite hard to throw stuff away, even those products that I don't like, but some things just can't be used for ever, like the self-tanning lotion for example. I'm even trying to use up some more samples from magazines or goodie bags lately so I might be reviewing some products you would normally not see over here, like from the more expensive brand Clinique.


Outfit: White Blouse & Boyfriend Jeans

white blouse boyfriend jeans outfit

Lately I've been thinking a lot about signature styles. Every fashion editor on this planet will tell you that having a signature style (jeans and t-shirt for 90% of them) is the ultimate way of looking good all of the time. However what does it mean to have a signature style? When I ask myself this question I always have to think of The Simpsons where everyone wears the same stuff almost all of the time. And even if Marge wears something different for once then it's mostly just the same dress but in another colour.


Looking Good on No-Makeup Days (and why you should do them, too!)

no makeup tips look good

Lately I've been asking myself a question: Do we still wear makeup everyday because we think we can't leave the house without, or simply because it has turned into something society expects from us? I've been going without makeup a lot lately. At first only to university but there no one cares because towards the end of the semester most people are glad if they're still able to get properly dressed. However I've also been to some more social events without any makeup lately and I didn't feel out of place. People treated me like always and I'm pretty sure some didn't even see a difference.


Bohemian Vibes: Lisa Olsson for Nelly.com

NLY Trend Lisa Olsson Collection spring/summer 2016

When I first started reading blogs, I didn't even know what blogs were. Thus I'm still wondering how one day I ended up on Lisa Olsson's page. To me it was like the rabbit hole that got me diggin' in deeper and deeper. I don't know how many of her old posts I scrolled through, but I was endlessly fascinated by her wonderful pictures, her awesome style, her natural beauty and the Swedish lifestyle she was representing.


Social Media: How to Write a Good Teaser

write good teasers for facebook and social media

Most magazines and newspapers have realised by now that the web is the future. Almost every magazine thus has a web page and of course also the attached social media channels. However this new form of distribution also asks for new ways of income. The print magazines and newspapers just need a high number of editions, whereas the web versions require clicks in order to pay off. While this is totally legit, it has unfortunately lead to a mass of teasers and titles that are sensationalist and make me wanna roll my eyes nonstop while checking my Facebook feed. I seriously tried to follow some fashion magazines on social media but just had to stop because their posts became so annoying.


The Jeans Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing Now

cropped wide jeans trend 2016

There are women who almost always wear skirts or dresses and who practically live in tights, and then there are women who have denim jeans in every colour and shape. Over the last few years I've definitely turned into a pants girl. I could wear black and white jeans all year long, palazzo pants and culottes are my summer must haves, and skirts make me feel uncomfortable lately. Therefor I am pretty glad that pants and jeans are among the it pieces almost every season, because let's be honest, skinny blue jeans are not the most exciting of all clothes.


7 Organic Beauty Brands Worth Checking Out

organic cosmetics brands

In a world where healthy nutrition becomes more and more important, green fashion and organic beauty products are obviously on the rise as well. However the times when you had to go to the wholefood shop to buy organic cosmetics are long over. Nowadays natural cosmetics are just as popular as traditional brands and you can buy them pretty much everywhere. Today I want to introduce you to seven brands which are either entirely organic or which often work with organic ingredients to produce their products. 


3 Outfit Combinations to Try this Weekend

creative outfit combinations

What if I told you that I have a solution for the "nothing to wear" phenomenon of our generation? And what if I also told you that it is absolutely free and that you don't need to get rid of any of your hundreds of beloved clothes? Sounds pretty good right? Well it is possible with a simple method which I've discovered for myself over the last few months. Curious?


10 More Instagram Accounts from Luxembourg

best instagram accounts luxembourg

Luxembourg just won a grammy! Well, let's say an African singer got a Grammy and Luxembourg is happy about it because her songs were recorded with a Luxembourgish orchestra lead by some Luxembourgish guy. As you can hear this doesn't get me all too excited but I thought it would nevertheless be a nice transition to today's post, which is also about my small homeland.


Manic(ure) Monday: Silver & Stripes

striped manicure stripe nail art silver white

I've been cutting down on fancy nail art over the last few years but whenever I come across a simple yet slightly extraordinary manicure I still have to give it a try myself. Lately manicures with horizontal and vertical stripes have been a huge deal on Pinterest, so I created my own version of the trend.


Outfit: White Blouse Layering

black white outfit blouse layering

As you could see on Instagram and Snapchat, I started my weekend on a really good note. On Thursday Claude and I drove to Düsseldorf where we attended the FashionBloggerCafé yesterday. I already wrote about earlier editions of this event here and here, and it was really nice to go there again this year and catch up with some of the bloggers I've met in Germany during my studies there. Claude and I stole away from the event for a while though, to take some outfit pictures. And how glad were we to find this awesome tunnel that makes the perfect background for your black and white outfits.


My Valentine's Day as a Single vs. as a Girlfriend/Fiancée

thoughts about Valentine's Day Single in Couple

I know some of you single ladies will be rolling their eyes at the title of this post, as you're surely expecting tragedy, kitsch and butterflies. However don't roll your pretty eyes yet, as my story isn't quite going in that direction. To me, Valentine's Day is about as special as International Sweatpants Day, a nice occasion to wear something different, but that's about it. Therefor I wasn't going to write about it at all, and I was certainly not going to join in the "shop sexy underwear"-game, which is nothing but a spawn of consumerism (which, to my guilt, I have been supporting here on the blog before). But let's go over to the actual story:


Growing out a Fringe in 3 Steps

hairdos to grow out a fringe in 3 steps

As announced here last month, I'm currently growing out my straight fringe. One of the reasons why I haven't done this earlier, is the awkward stage of mid-length fringe-hair I didn't wanna deal with. However there are some really easy ways to style a fringe at the different growing-out stages without looking like you can't afford a hairdresser. The best part is that you do indeed not need a hairdresser until your fringe is at chin-length. My tips also work without bobby pins, hairbands, or any other tools.


Outfit: Lace Dress on Flared Jeans

lace dress on flared jeans outfit

I think I'm slowly getting better at re-combining old clothes. In fact most of the outfits I posted here during the last few months, consisted of clothes from old collections and I really don't mind not always wearing new stuff as you can easily recreate the latest trends with pieces you already have at home. I admit that these flared jeans are from a fall/winter 2015 collection, but the lace dress is from 2011 or so. Also the shoes, even though you can't see much of them, are from an old collection, namely the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration.


Nude Mood

perfect nude outfit looks for any season

This whole week I really felt like spring cleaning so I went through pretty much all the stuff I have in my room and threw away what I don't need anymore. I also went through all of my clothes and noticed that there was one colour scheme seriously missing in my wardrobe. While I do have some beige knitwear, I am pretty poor in nude classics like coats or pants. Why have I been missing out on this goodness for so long? Probably because I was too busy considering whether I'm an all-black-everything type of girl, or if the "colourful" side in me is too strong to give up on green, pink and orange clothes.


Tried and Tested: Lush Unicorn Horn

Long time no Lush post, right? As you know the "fresh handmade cosmetics" brand offers special collections for different occasions, and one of them is Valentine's Day. As the collection is about the same as last time, I decided to finally review the "Unicorn Horn" which I already got last year (along with this other stuff). It is a bubble bar which comes in magical rainbow colours and has glitter and stars on it. According to Lush's website it contains lavender and neroli oil which contribute to making us feel relaxed and happy.


Tips for a Successful Shooting in the Snow

bonn schnee snow 2012

One of the good things about living in the North of Luxembourg, is that you see snow before everybody else does. And you get snow way more often, too. Today for example I saw some snowflakes fall from the sky, while most other people in the country only saw rain and grey clouds. Okay it's not as magical as it sounds because by now everything has turned into white sludge. But you get my point: I like snow. Mainly because it turns the evergreen and ever-same landscape we have over here into a white winter wonderland, which makes it perfect for outfit shootings. Basically there are just really few things you need to consider, so let's have a look at them together with some examples of how some of my favourite Luxembourgish bloggers were rocking snow shootings:


Project Wedding: Lora Folk x Monoprix

So there they were, the ring, the question, the announcement. And now? Now I started collecting pictures for my wedding board on Pinterest, following wedding planners on Instagram, and stalking awesome locations in Luxembourg. Even though the wedding will probably not be before June 2017, it is on my mind all of the time. Luckily some of you said that you would like to follow the wedding preparations, because I would have spammed you with them anyway... While it's still a bit too early to talk about actual preparations, there is something I have to share with you already. Because when one of your favourite stores does a collaboration with a wedding dress designer, you can't just ignore it (even if the dresses will be sold out before you're anywhere near your ideal bride body).


Outfit: Black and White

white blazer all black outfit

In January the monthly Blogger_LU meeting was set for the last day of the month, which was perfect as my due date for all the university stuff was just the day before. I knew it would be the perfect occasion to get dressed, leave the house and catch up with friends. We met up at "Bouneweger Stuff", a really hyped place in Luxembourg City, as it used to be the setting of a TV show. Still it was my first time there so it was a pity that the service wasn't good that day. Therefor the menu offered some great varied brunch dishes, which will certainly make me go back.

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