Tried and Tested: Astor Style Lip Lacquer

Astor Style Lip Lacquer Review Gorgeous Style Just so Stylish Live your own Style Vamp Style

Those who follow my story on Snapchat have already seen that I won a huge package filled with lipsticks, eyeshadow pens, and nail polishes. As a part of this prize I also got these four Astor "Style Lip Lacquers", which is funny because I already had the pink one and have been wanting to do a review about it for ages. Now that I've been able to try even more of them, a review definitely makes sense, especially as I can now compare the matte and the regular lip lacquers.
The four shades that you can see above are 150 "Gorgeous Style", 215 "Just so Stylish" (matte), 230 "Live your own Style" (matte), and 140 "Vamp Style" (from left to right). When it comes to the colours I think that all four shades are pretty gorgeous! First you have this bright red, then a bold pink, but also a more classic dark bordeaux, and finally a shiny violet. 
So first let's have a look at the matte lip lacquers. As I'm not a huge fan of glossy lip products, I love matte lipsticks yet alone because they stay on much better. That's why I really like the Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Creams, which I've reviewed in this and this post. Unfortunately the Astor Style Lip Lacquers don't turn as matte as the Manhattan ones and also smudge at the slightest touch, which is why they don't stay on as well either. In return my lips didn't dry out when wearing the matte lip lacquers, a point of criticism I had read on other blogs. So basically if you're looking for a really matte lip product you should rather go for Manhattan, but if you're okay with a simply not so glossy but bold lip colour, this is the way to go.
Just as the matte lip lacquers, the regular ones are easy to apply, but unfortunately the red one didn't want to stay on my lips. The colour started bleeding outside the lines of my lips immediately after applying it. It looked so awkward and I felt like the colour expanded all around my mouth. I had already noticed this with the pink matte lip lacquer, but with the regular red one it was even worse. The colours are highly pigmented though, which is why my lips stayed tinted for quite a while.

Even after this rather negative review, there is still one shade I will keep on using for sure, and which I can also recommend. It's the shade "Vamp Style", which has a decent shimmer and is the glossiest of all four lip lacquers. Compared to the other lip lacquers, this one stays on pretty well and doesn't bleed out. Furthermore it's a really flattering shade and due to the fact that it's so shiny, this rather dark shade also looks good on thin lips (which should normally avoid dark lipsticks). Personally I like to wear it over a hazel lipstick to make it last even longer.

Astor Style Lip Lacquer Review Gorgeous Style Just so Stylish Live your own Style Vamp Style

Astor Style Lip Lacquer Review Gorgeous Style Just so Stylish Live your own Style Vamp Style

Have you tried the Astor Style Lip Lacquers before? What are your general opinions on matte lipstick vs. shiny lip gloss?

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  1. love your photos. they look so cute. <3
    btw, the colors of this lip lacquers are really gorgeous.

    Kai | www.lilpink.info


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