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Do you guys remember that we had a little black-tights-discussion going on here on the blog exactly one month ago? (You can reread it here.) Well if I had known the two brilliant articles about this very topic, which I only discovered yesterday evening, I would simply have told you to go read them. But as I have some time left today, I decided to sum them up for you guys and add a little personal conclusion. Here we go!

The first article was published on The Guardian on October 19th last year and has the title "When is it socially acceptable to wear black tights?". However as you can imagine the article quickly goes over to discussing whether it's still acceptable to wear black tights at all. (The answer to when you can wear them is fairly easy btw: "The rule is the same for black tights as for oysters: only when there is an R in the month.") So in fact the author argues that those women who go bare-legged all year round do exist and that they are something like the unicorns among the fashionistas. They are the hardcore fashionistas that would do anything and everything to look good, which includes shaving and tanning their legs regularly, freezing in the cold, or paying horrendous amounts for taxis so they don't freeze.

"The black-tights issue is fundamental because it separates fashion as actually lived by actual human beings from fashion as seen on models."

The answer to this first article came only a day later and has the brilliant title: "'I’ve been wearing them since August' – Lucy Mangan in defence of black tights". The author takes the point of view of us normal women, who seriously don't have time to look after their legs more than after their boyfriend and who are not willing to catch a cold just to look drop-dead gorgeous every single day of their life. She admits that she wears tights whenever it's cold, and that she loves them for being flattering to any not so perfect body. 

"I am unwilling to suffer for my appearance. I prefer to be comfortable and let others have to suffer my appearance. But I still believe fashionistas and I are sisters under the skin, be mine ever so unexfoliated."

So as we can see this debate was never meant to be lead by us normal girls with our imperfect bodies and our tight schedules, it is rather a debate between the die-hard fashionistas and those who want to be one of them. We can just keep calm, use our time for more important things than shaving, and keep on wear them good old opaques that have been saving our ass from freezing for so many winters already. Cheers to that!

Read the articles here and here and feel free to tell me your opinion! 


  1. Hahaha großartig! Gut, dass auch solche Fragen diskutiert werden (Wer hat die Zeit dafür, frage ich mich? Ich hab nicht mal Zeit, mir abends schon zu überlegen, was ich am nächsten Tag anziehen will :D :D :D ).
    Also ich denke, schwarz ist eher eine Farbe für schicke Anlässe, Beerdigungen und den Winter. Wobei das ja auch alles Klischees sind und über zwei davon setze ich mich persönlich gerne hinweg, um bunter und fröhlicher auszusehen. Denn auch wenn schwarz vorteilhaft schlanke Beine zaubert, bin ich doch nicht gewillt, immer so dunkel-traurig rumzurennen ;)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Haha gute Frage! Wahrscheinlich Menschen die in der Modebranche tätig sind und sich langweilen weil gerade keine Fashion Week Saison ist ;) Schwarz geht bei mir eigentlich immer, aber als Strumpfhose tatsächlich nur in den Herbst/Winter Monaten. Im Sommer käme ich mir damit auch merkwürdig vor ;) Aber wie du sagst gibt es ja auch noch ein paar farbige Alternativen für uns "normalen" Rock- und Kleidträgerinnen :)

  2. I love black tights during winter (100 den and up) but for days or informal evenings. For me anyway it is a big no for cocktail or formal attire. In these occasions I tend to go bare legs or to use the "fake tanning" tights (kind of 5 den amazing tights from Calzedonia, that costs 8 euros and lasts only one night but are perfect for formal events).

    Reading the all article, another question came up to my mind: does all these ladies shave only during summer? Whenever I wear tights, or jeans, or a long skirt.. I am shaving! I found it pretty weird for my habits. LOL


    1. It's interesting to see that you would not wear black tights for formal events because they are the first place where I wear them ;) But then again you probably go to more formal events than I do so you're the expert ;) Maybe it's also because I have too many skirts and dresses that are in fact too short for formal events so I need to hide my legs at least somehow :D

  3. I love black tights too and I could get away with wearing them for both formal and informal events

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