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The hair straightener is to the 21st century, what hair rollers have been to the 20st century: Indispensable and decisive. I'm not trying to sound dramatic here, but getting a good hair straightener has really stepped up my hair game like nothing else. I've been using it when I had long hair, while I'm having my lob, and even during the time I had a pixie, and it always helped me to get the best out of my hair cut.
For many girls buying a hair straightener means choosing between ghd and a more affordable brand. However please be assured that the right brand alone is not enough to determine whether a hair straightener matches your needs or not. What's way more important are the shape of the straightener and the possibility to adjust the temperature. My sister and I have both been having Philips hair straighteners for more than 3 years now, and we're still super satisfied with both of them. They only cost something around 50€ each and allow you to choose a temperature between 120°C and 220°C. I usually work with temperatures between 160°C and 180°C, which are largely enough for my naturally straight hair. As you can see on the picture, one of the straighteners is slim and long, while the other has the shape of a paddle. So while they are both the same brand, about the same price, the same material and also have the same temperature adjustments, they both give a different result, yet alone because of their different shape. That's why I want to compare the two of them, so you can see which one meets your needs best.

Slim Straightener

Hair straighteners with narrow plates are surely the most popular ones, probably due to their versatility. Their shape allows you to not only straighten your mane, but also define single wisps of hair, which is why they are often used to create soft curls. I for my part couldn't live without this kind of straightener when it comes to my fringe, which I like to give a slightly rounded finish. So basically this straightener is perfect for:
- Straightening short, thin hair
- Creating soft curls
- Creating a rounded finish at the hair ends

Paddle Straightener

At the beginning I thought a paddle straightener would not be the right one for me, because it doesn't allow you to work on a fringe. However it has some incontestable advantages that make it perfect for:
- Straightening thick, long hair thanks to wider plates
- Getting curly hair straight way more quickly
- Creating a super straight and sleek finish

Basically I am glad to have both kinds of straighteners at home because I have thick, long hair which I like all straight and sleek, but with a straight fringe to which I like a rounded finish. However I think most of you will only fit in one of the two categories so I hope this made your hair straightener purchase a bit easier. As I said I don't think you need to spend hundreds of € on a hair straightener as I am super satisfied with these Philips ones. Just make sure you can adjust the temperature because after all that's what makes the final result. 

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