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mochithings cute stationery

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to splurge on stationery of all kinds. I mean just look at how many New Year's resolutions can be stuck to with the help of some paper and pens: Being organized gets easier with a planner, sticking to a diet can be encouraged by keeping a diary, getting shit done is so much easier with fancy to-do lists, socializing gets fun with a pretty list of contacts, and so on and so on.
Therefor my boyfriend (whom by now I'm ought to call my fiancé, which however still feels too weird to me), made it a tradition to gift me some calendars, planners, stickers, and other stationery goods for Christmas. This year he really outdid himself with the prettiest appointment planner, a diary wallet, some cute Twitter sticky notes, a Polaroid photo album, fancy polaroid photo paper, and even some stickers just for polaroids. His go-to place for all this goodness is an online shop called MochiThings.
As I know some of you girls are just as crazy about stationery as I am, I didn't want to hide this store any longer from you. On MochiThings you will not only find planners for 2016 of all kinds, but also pouches, sticky notes, bookmarks, photo accessories, and so much more.

mochithings cute stationery

mochithings cute stationery
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What is your source for cute stationery? Have you already found the perfect planner for 2016? In case you're still looking for a blog planner you should have a look at my review of The Blogger Artist


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