Manic(ure) Monday: Rock Dark Nails at any Age

how to wear dark nail polish at any age

In my opinion there are three beauty looks that can help you make the ultimate fashion statement: Winged eyeliner, red lips, and dark nails. Be it night blue, mysterious purple, dark grey, bordeaux red or intense black – dark nails can look extremely stylish and enhance every outfit. However I can understand that some women prefer to stick with their good old red, because they think they are too old for any other colour, or because they think dark nail polish is not appropriate for the environment they work in. However I think that dark colours are not only wearable for everyday life, but can also look extremely elegant. The right preparation and application are key:

1. Length Matters

For some people dark nails lie somewhere between depressed teenager and scary witch. In order to not be associated with any of them, it's important to keep your nails at a good length, thus neither chewed short, nor overly long. I generally prefer to have my nails quite short (as you can see on the pictures) which I think makes bold colours more wearable. 

2. Find your Shade

One dark shade is not like another. If you think black is too extreme, why not opt for a really dark blue or a deep brown? After all dark nails will look best when they don't let your hands look all pale. So if you have light skin, you might wanna try a nail polish with warmer undertones like red. 

3. Moisturized Hands

Moisturized hands are important for any manicure, but even more when you wear dark nail polish. The focus will be on your fingers so you want them to look their best.

4. Play with Matte

Matte top coats are a good option when you want to make clear your nails are a statement and not a one-off. The matte effect will make your manicure look more precious, like black velvet let's say!

5. Neat Application

This is probably the most crucial point of all. Nude nail polish may allow some splintered tips and edges, but as soon as dark nail polish starts coming off it should be removed entirely to avoid a sloppy look. Thus another reason why you should try matte top coat, as it makes the nail polish more durable.

how to wear dark nail polish at any age


  1. During winter time I usually go for the darker shades as I am wearing more darker colors in my outfits! But I do go for the classic red a lot as well! :)
    I personally loove how matte black nail polish looks! :)


  2. I love how your midi ring is so cute and matches the your nail colour
    Also snap! We have the same polaroid camera :)

  3. You know, I have been loving dark polishes, especially navy nails! Essie's "After Schoolboy Blazer" has been my favorite! I've never thought about using a matte topcoat over it but I think I'm going to try that this week! Great suggestion!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Ohh der Farbton ist wirklich toll! Und passt zu so vielen Kleidungsstücken!

    Liebste Grüße,


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