How I Solved My Beauty Problems By Doing Less

benefits of using less beauty products

We all have our little beauty problems. Some are easy to solve while some seem to stick with us for the rest of our lives. Fact is that most women spend lots of money on beauty products to get rid of spots, even their skin, strengthen their nails,... There is still this myth that the more expensive the beauty products, the better their impact. However after years of trying products of almost all price ranges, I would go so far as to say that often no beauty products are the best option. This post will explain to you how I solved some of my major beauty problems by simply stopping to use certain products.

Strong Nails

After some years of weekly manicures, my once strong nails turned all brittle. No matter how many nail care products I tried, nothing worked for me. By now my nails are back to normal and I can regularly paint them without fall-outs. What did I do? It's fairly easy: I just took a long break from nail polish, nail polish remover, nail care products and the like. I admit this requires some patience but it will be worth it in the end. After all strong nails also mean long lasting manicures. 

Moisturised Skin

I hear many women say things like "I know I should use body lotion more often". I myself thought I would have better skin if I weren't too lazy to apply creams and lotions, too. However I experienced that the more hand cream I used, the more I was dependent on it. Whenever I washed my hands they felt dry immediately afterwards and I felt the urge to apply hand cream. The same applied to my skin after showering, my legs just felt so dry that I often scratched them.
I can't say whether it was out of laziness or forgetfulness but I stopped using both hand cream and body lotion some months ago. And guess what? I don't need them anymore. I can wash my hands or take a shower without the urge to lotion afterwards and my skin looks as normal as ever.
I'm not a dermatologist but I was once told something that may explain this occurrence. As we know creams and lotions are made of water and fat and to keep both elements together the producers of creams and lotions use certain ingredients. When we apply cream those ingredients end up on our skin and keep acting there. They bind the natural lipids of our skin which get washed out when our skin gets in contact with water.

Shiny, Less Greasy Hair

I've often read that greasy hair shouldn't be washed too often as otherwise it will only produce more grease. And it's true, the more I wash my hair the quicker it regreases. By now I stick to a hair wash routine of 3 times a week. However if I happen to give my hair an even longer break, it turns all shiny after the next wash. So if you're annoyed of washing, and blow drying your hair everyday, you should definitely try to reduce your hair care rituals. And if we're talking about doing less: If you have problems with dull or greasy hair you could also try to do a detox of other hair products like hair spray, mousse, gel, and the like.

Clear Complexion

My complexion has been bothering me for more than 10 years now. I've been using products from all around the world but nothing seemed to work. Whenever I thought I found the miracle product, my skin went back to breaking out after a while. The more I read about skin care, the more often I came across articles that advised against facial wash. So I stopped using cleansers went back to the good old washcloth (or alternatively the Glov Hydro Demaquillage) and water. I'm now using micellar water to remove makeup and then wash my face with nothing but water. I even stopped using toners afterwards and just add a cream (and sometimes serum). With this method my skin has become way clearer and breaks out less. For those who don't want to stay away from cleansing products right away, I can only recommend the products from Meder Beauty Science, which I reviewed here some time ago. The cleansing gel was really gentle and I'm still using the serum and cream with great results.


So let's make a little recap for you to see how you can try to solve your beauty problems by using and doing less, too.

What I stopped using:

  • nail polish remover with acetone
  • hand cream
  • body lotion
  • hair mousse
  • facial wash and cleansers
  • harsh toners

What I stopped doing:

  • applying nail polish every week
  • using creams and lotions after every hand wash or shower
  • washing my hair daily

What I use and do instead:

  • use "L'OrĂ©al La Manicure Miracle Repair 7" as a base coat for manicures
  • use coconut oil on dry skin
  • use paraben-free shampoo and conditioner
  • clean my face with micellar water and water
  • use a fresh washcloth every day

How about you? Which of these products have you already stopped using and did you see any benefits from it? 


  1. I completely agree on handcreams and body lotions, I have the feeling the more I apply it the drier my skin feels :( I definitely need to start using coconut oil, I've read so many great things about it! x

    1. Sounds like you should really try a cream detox. If your skin feels particularly dry after showering or washing, you could also try to use more gentle soaps and shower gels. I hope it will help :)


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