How I Get Shit Done During Exam Period

lazy girls guide to getting shit done during exam period

People seem to be so motivated these days, because good resolutions and all. If however your year starts with a writing-essays-marathon aka getting-shit-done-month, chances are you'd prefer to stay in bed all day long and just procrastinate. That's why I prefer to get through with all the work as quickly as possible. As this is by far not my first exam period, but indeed my last(!), I've figured out some ways by now that really work for me to get shit done really quickly. So if you have a little procrastinate moment you should read through them. (You can even tell yourself that your essays, and homeworks, or whatever shit you're currently up to, will benefit from this as well... Promised!).

Set A Tight Schedule

This term I had about six free weeks to write three essays, so that makes about 14 days for one essay. However I found out that I work most efficiently when I'm pushed for time. Therefor I only planned 5 days for each essay, which is enough for me and allows me to get through the work quickly. Of course everyone has to see how much time they really need, but when I'm limited in time, then I don't happen to procrastinate. 

Work in the Morning

I'm most productive in the morning, which is why I make sure to get up at a reasonable time during exam periods. Even though I like to work chronologically, it happens to me that I delay one part of my essay for the other morning, when I know it requires extra concentration. However it makes no sense to get up at a time you don't feel comfortable with, because you'll end up being tired all day and feel the urge to take a nap instead of work. My ideal time to get up at the moment is only at 9pm, but between that time and lunch break, I get more work done than all afternoon long.

Start at the Same Time Each Day

When exam period starts I try to see at which time it makes sense for me to start my day and then stick to that schedule every day. Like this I quickly see what I can do in which amount of time, and the time in between breaks doesn't seem so long.

Plan Breaks

When I don't plan my breaks in advance I take one whenever I loose focus. Therefor I set myself some breaks right from the beginning, so I can work towards them. Usually I don't take one in the morning as I'm getting up quite late, and make lunch my first break. As I mostly only write until about 6pm I only take a small break in between, but if you plan on working for more than 8 hours, you should definitely add another longer break. 

Don't Check Social Media before First Break

Social Media is the enemy my friends, at least when it comes to procrastinating. Once I go on Facebook, I get stuck there for ages and find it even harder to start serious work afterwards. Furthermore it often reminds me of other stuff I have to do, for example for my blog or contacting a friend. This all distracts me way to much, so I don't check social media until my first break. The only exception is Instagram, which I scroll through during breakfast, because it inspires me and gives me positive vibes.

Keep My Evenings Free

As I am quite productive in the morning, I can keep my evenings free for more enjoyable stuff. It's a good feeling to know that you don't have to go back to work after dinner, so I try to always have finished my daily workload until then. I think the time between 7pm and 10pm is great to do some sports, meet up with friends, or do other fun and relaxing stuff. 

Take a Day Off

One reason why I set myself a schedule of only 5 days, is so I can take the weekend off and only do minor last tasks during these two days. Having the weekend in sight motivates me even more to finish my workload in time. Furthermore my mind can rest for a while before I have to approach the next essay. So whether you're taking Sundays off or just one or several days after you've finished one major task, it will help you to go over to the next task with a clearer mind.

What are your anti-procrastination hacks that help you get shit done quickly?


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