Going Fringe-Free After 10 Years

clavi cut without fringe

You may already have noticed or read it in my latest outfit posts: After 10 years I finally decided to grow out my fringe! When I first got a fringe cut it was one of these ugly asymmetric ones that doesn't really look good on anybody, but I decided to stick with it anyway. I think in my teens I always had this urge to hide as much of me as possible so I wore wide clothes and well, a fringe. Later I learnt what I had to tell the hair dresser to get the fringe I actually wanted and that would actually look good on me, but I think I was still hiding because I always told myself my forehead was too huge for any hairdo without a fringe. I was okay with it though because straight bangs were trendy and as I said I could wear them. However a fringe is pretty dependent on care and styling and I'm not really someone to spend hours on their hairdo. So I decided to go fringe-free for the following reasons:

1. After 10 years it probably is time for a change.
2. Fringes get greasy really easily so whenever I wanted to look okay enough to leave the house I had to wash my hair. Dry shampoo doesn't work here girls...
3. Fringes need to be cut regularly but ain't nobody got time to go to the hair dresser that often.
4. Wearing a hat on a fringe looks absolutely awkward.
5. Sunnies look better on me when I don't have a fringe.
6. A simple, lazy bun is not possible with a fringe, as there is always this spare hair that needs to be clipped somewhere. 
7. I can part my hair where I want to as the parting is not dependent on a fringe anymore. Hello endless hairdo possibilities! 
8. And finally the time of hiding should finally be over now that I'm 24, engaged and have almost finished with university, don't you think? 

clavi cut brown hair

Would you be interested in a post about hairdos for the growing-out-period? Or are you currently growing out your bangs as well and can already recommend me some hair cuts and dos? 
P.S.: If you still want a fringe or love yours, you should check my post on how to style it right! After all I have some experience in this field after 10 years, haha!


  1. i like you also with fringe...
    nice sunglasses

  2. I like both looks on you!
    I've had my fringe for over 10 years as well, and I totally feel the same about all of the 'problems', but still didn't know if I am ready for the change... ;)

    1. I can totally understand you! Maybe you can just try and grow it out for a few weeks and try some looks to see if you like yourself without fringe? In the end you can always go back to your fringe in no time ;)

    2. That's a good idea, tho I always feel a bit awkward with the mid length fringe ;) I just might try this! :D

    3. I felt the same but I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it :)


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