Favourite Looks from Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2016

berlin fashion week autumn/winter 2016

Before the official fashion months start off in February and September, there are always some "smaller" Fashion Weeks, like for example in Amsterdam or Berlin. However Berlin is well on the way to become one of the big fashion cities sooner or later. So far I haven't been able to attend the spectacle myself, but I'm already planning my trip to Berlin for the spring/summer 2017 shows and I really hope nothing will crop up my plans this time. However thanks to Snapchat I've been able to follow the fun in Berlin last week as if I had been there myself (just without the goodie bags, haha!). And as I saw some really amazing collections, I decided to take a closer look at the creations the German designers came up with, and share my six favourites with you.


The designer Malaika Raiss has a really minimalistic approach on her collections but she loves to emphasize feminine shapes in a sleek way. What I loved about this very look is the sophistication and playfulness it emits at the same time. 


An ethnic inspired collection full of colours (especially red, green and blue) and patterns. Plush jackets and long vests made the otherwise springlike collection fit for fall. I chose this very look because of the long vest and the blouse with the lovely details. 


The favourite collection of me and pretty much everybody who saw it at Berlin Fashion Week. For her ultra feminine collection full of pastels, Marina Hoermanseder got inspired by first female pilot Amelia Earhart and I think this outfit is perfectly suitable for a flight in style. 


As much as I love to see pastels on the runway, for me a fall/winter collection needs some awesome brown shades, too! That's why I loved pretty much every look from the Lena Hoschek show, which was clearly inspired by a British country style. 


More sporty cuts and materials could be seen at the Dorothee Schumacher show, but the designer managed to make them perfectly wearable and girly at the same time. The cut of this dress, the added coat, the boots and knee-high socks, what's not to love about this look?


Guido Maria Kretschmer is probably the best known designer in Germany, due to his many TV appearances. The styles he creates are best described as ultra ladylike and classy. However I liked this look because it's not just feminine, but also a little mysterious with the dark green velvet and the matching tights. 

Have you been following Fashion Week in Berlin (live or on Snapchat)? If yes, which was your favourite collection? 


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