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review beauty empties january

MEDER BEAUTY SCIENCE face care range

Some of you might remember my review of this face care range from last summer. Now I've used up all the products and I must say I'm sad that they're empty now! The cleansing gel was just the most gentle one I ever had and it did my skin visibly good. The same goes for the serum and cream as I hardly didn't have any breakouts while using them. The sheet masks of Meder Beauty Science are pretty cool, too because you can fix them behind your ears and don't need to be afraid that they fall into your lap while watching TV. All in all I would totally recommend the brand to someone who's willing to invest a bit more in their skin care. You can read the whole review here.

L'OCCITANE "Melting Honey" hand cream

I haven't used many L'Occitane hand creams before, but those that I knew all have a lightweight formula and absorb quickly. This special edition comes with 25% shea butter and has thus a richer consistency. Even though it's called "Melting Honey" it mainly smells of shea butter, just sweeter.  While it is a great moisturizer, I prefer the regular L'Occitane hand creams, as this one is too sticky for my taste. 

WELEDA Oat Replenishing Shampoo

There is just something about natural cosmetic hair care that I don't get along with. I have really thick hair so I need a shampoo that foams well, which isn't the case for this one. Also the smell isn't natural as you would suggest when buying an oat shampoo, but rather acrid. 

SEPHORA Rose Fiber Mask

This fiber mask from Sephora promises "plumper, fresher and brighter" skin but unfortunately the effect doesn't last really long. Right after removing the mask my skin did indeed look refreshed, so I would say this mask is ideal to be used before applying makeup. Unfortunately I didn't like the smell as it scents of faded rose petals.


  1. that hand cream sounds great..interesting how it smells of shea butter, not what one would expect with that 'melting honey' name but it does sound like a good hand cream. I would also like to try that fiber mask...but I would skip the shampoo, I hate when something smells acrid.


  2. Not impressed by those Sephora masks - but I'm curious about the Meder Beauty Science range, sounds interesting!
    She is Mary

  3. I'd like to try some of L'occitane products!

    Go check out my blog as well - www.karolinakz.blogspot.com


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