Are Bloggers the Worst Evil of Consumerism?

Bloggers consumerism

This morning I came home from university and as lunch wasn't ready yet, I decided to catch up on some Snapchat stories. The first story I happened to watch was the one of this German blogger, whom I like to follow because she's so genuine and seems to have a kind soul. As always she was unpacking some stuff she got sent by a PR company or was paid to show on her channel. Maybe it was also something she bought herself, but in the end it doesn't matter. The fact is that she has been unpacking the amount of clothes I buy in a whole year, in just the last few days. And apparently that's what another Snapchat user thought so, too, because she decided to make a story about how it is not normal to get new stuff every single day, and that no one needs that many clothes. Her main point was that young girls could get a wrong idea of consumerism, when they see their role models wear all the latest trends and buy new stuff nonstop. I however think, that it's not just the young girls' consumer behaviour, that has been affected by the rise of fashion bloggers.

Did you buy everything you saw in fashion magazines? 

I was pretty late when it comes to this whole online inspiration thing. I only started reading blogs when Chiara Ferragni was already making a good amount of money and I only joined Pinterest last year. I still count myself among a generation of girls who got inspired by fashion magazines in their teens. Of course fashion magazines are far from keeping us from shopping nonstop, I mean they make their money with getting us to buy stuff. And I certainly saw a lot of things in these magazines, that made me wanna go on a shopping spree asap. However most of the clothes I saw in magazines, never actually made it into my closet, because they mostly weren't available when I went on the hunt for them. It's pretty normal, you don't get online links in magazines, you only get a store name and a photo of a piece of clothing that could either be almost sold out or next season's collection. After all fashion magazines only work with press releases and the samples they get sent.
Bloggers on the other hand, buy most of their clothes themselves after all, and wear them for an outfit post straight the next day. They add a link and you can be sure that what they are wearing is available for you, too within only a few clicks. So if you had to tell who inspired you to buy more new stuff: Bloggers or classic media like TV and magazines; wouldn't you say it were the bloggers? I guess so and that is what makes them so popular among PR and brands: They cost close to nothing, but sell better than most advertisements do. 

Bloggers tout brands, even without getting money for it. 

And talking about money: Most bloggers don't even need to be paid to advertise a certain brand. They tag what they wear and if they look good in their outfit and have a large following, you can be sure that somewhere in this world someone will buy it. You could argue that posting outfits without tagging brands wouldn't make much sense, but what about the infamous hauls? Even though I noticed that they become less and less popular on fashion blogs, they are still a huge deal on YouTube. 
I am certainly not going to denounce someone here, because I'm a blogger too, I tag brands as well, and I have done a haul not later than this month. However I think that reflecting our own behaviour, and how it affects readers (young and old alike) is something that should be part of the business, just like outfit posts and brand collaborations. 
Luckily enough more and more bloggers take a step in the right direction and campaign for mindful shopping and reusing old clothes. I myself have been shopping way less these years than I used to some time ago, but I'm aware that I could do even better. If you want to cut back on spending money on new clothes, too, I can highly recommend you to check out the blog Unfancy. It will teach you how to live on a 37-piece capsule collection and look great every day, which after all, is the ultimate goal of every shopping addict.

What are your opinions on this subject? 

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