6 Ways to Wear a Long Vest All Year Round

6 ways to wear a long white vest all year round

Since I bought myself this white long vest at Mango last spring, I've been wearing it every single season in different combinations. That is mainly because it is so versatile and way easier to combine than those short, elegant black vests that were popular in my teens. Lately I got a comment from a reader telling me that she finds it quite hard to combine vests. So therefor I decided to make a little recap of my vest looks so far and tell you how the vest was able to add some extra trendiness.

1. Winter

Often outfits for the colder months tend to be a bit boring, because all you want to do is snuggle up in a cosy sweater. However winter is also the perfect time for some layering fun, and that's where the vest comes into play. Worn over a turtleneck it allows you to achieve a minimalistic but trendy look.
The same applies when you want to wear a more elegant look with a dress and a little jacket. A vest in between both layers adds warmth and an interesting twist to the look. 

white long vest outfit combination

white long vest outfit combination

2. Spring

In spring a white vest is perfect to be combined with a little colour, like bold pants or a skirt. When it comes to the top it's okay to wear a white vest over a plain with shirt, as you will already add some contrast with the bottom part of the look. 

white long vest outfit combination

3. Summer

In summer I like to wear dresses a lot, but they tend to look boring when I don't add a jacket or other details. However when it's really hot outside, you surely don't want to wear a jacket. So again a vest is the perfect alternative to spice up plain and boring dresses. 

white long vest outfit combination

white long vest outfit combination

4. Fall

A white vest in fall is the perfect way to add a little brightness to dark outfits. Especially camel is a good colour to match with white, so a camel sweater, and why not also a camel coat on top, will make a great look together with a white vest in between.

white long vest outfit combination

How do you like to wear a long vest? Is there another combination you could think of?


  1. beautiful outfit ideas..i love your vest and the way you wear it

  2. Ohh so eine Long Vest ist schon etwas schönes! Besonders gut gefällt mir dein Look mit schwarzem Kleid und den süßen Midi Heels :)

    Liebste Grüße,

  3. Such a versatile piece and you've styled it so gorgeous for all the seasons
    Thanks for sharing

    What Raj Wants

  4. you look amazing in all outfits, but I absolutely loved the first summer combo, it's perfect!

  5. Vests really are magical things. I have a duster like one which I prefer to use more in the cooler months. It's too warm for Aussie summer days lol.


  6. Wie witzig - ich habe auch so eine weiße Weste und habe mich letztens gefragt, wie ich sie im Winter anziehen könnte. Danke für die tolle Inspiration!

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

    1. Oh das freut mich aber, dass ich da weiterhelfen konnte! Vielen Dank für die lieben Worte :)


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