Beauty Empties January

review beauty empties january

MEDER BEAUTY SCIENCE face care range

Some of you might remember my review of this face care range from last summer. Now I've used up all the products and I must say I'm sad that they're empty now! The cleansing gel was just the most gentle one I ever had and it did my skin visibly good. The same goes for the serum and cream as I hardly didn't have any breakouts while using them. The sheet masks of Meder Beauty Science are pretty cool, too because you can fix them behind your ears and don't need to be afraid that they fall into your lap while watching TV. All in all I would totally recommend the brand to someone who's willing to invest a bit more in their skin care. You can read the whole review here.


Are Bloggers the Worst Evil of Consumerism?

Bloggers consumerism

This morning I came home from university and as lunch wasn't ready yet, I decided to catch up on some Snapchat stories. The first story I happened to watch was the one of this German blogger, whom I like to follow because she's so genuine and seems to have a kind soul. As always she was unpacking some stuff she got sent by a PR company or was paid to show on her channel. Maybe it was also something she bought herself, but in the end it doesn't matter. The fact is that she has been unpacking the amount of clothes I buy in a whole year, in just the last few days. And apparently that's what another Snapchat user thought so, too, because she decided to make a story about how it is not normal to get new stuff every single day, and that no one needs that many clothes. Her main point was that young girls could get a wrong idea of consumerism, when they see their role models wear all the latest trends and buy new stuff nonstop. I however think, that it's not just the young girls' consumer behaviour, that has been affected by the rise of fashion bloggers.


Favourite Looks from Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2016

berlin fashion week autumn/winter 2016

Before the official fashion months start off in February and September, there are always some "smaller" Fashion Weeks, like for example in Amsterdam or Berlin. However Berlin is well on the way to become one of the big fashion cities sooner or later. So far I haven't been able to attend the spectacle myself, but I'm already planning my trip to Berlin for the spring/summer 2017 shows and I really hope nothing will crop up my plans this time. However thanks to Snapchat I've been able to follow the fun in Berlin last week as if I had been there myself (just without the goodie bags, haha!). And as I saw some really amazing collections, I decided to take a closer look at the creations the German designers came up with, and share my six favourites with you.


Manic(ure) Monday: Rock Dark Nails at any Age

how to wear dark nail polish at any age

In my opinion there are three beauty looks that can help you make the ultimate fashion statement: Winged eyeliner, red lips, and dark nails. Be it night blue, mysterious purple, dark grey, bordeaux red or intense black – dark nails can look extremely stylish and enhance every outfit. However I can understand that some women prefer to stick with their good old red, because they think they are too old for any other colour, or because they think dark nail polish is not appropriate for the environment they work in. However I think that dark colours are not only wearable for everyday life, but can also look extremely elegant. The right preparation and application are key:


6 Books On My Bucket List

must read fashion beauty books guides 2016

Yup, I'm still a student, which means I still don't have the time to read books I actually enjoy. I'm not saying that my studies are boring, and much less that the only books I'm interested in are books about fashion and beauty. BUT every female student who has had to write 3+ essays or exams within a short period of time knows, that afterwards all you want to read is a good old fashion magazine. Or just something that doesn't demand much of your brain.


Outfit: Fake Pencil Skirt

winter outfit turtleneck pencil skirt

When it feels like you've got nothing to wear, it's time to become creative. That's what I did with this skirt, which is actually a dress (as you can see here), and a belt stolen from my fiancé. Okay a black belt may not be the most interesting piece from a boy's wardrobe, but I am probably also the only fashion blogger without one in her own closet... But belts are a great accessory which you should always give a try when you're not satisfied with how a top, skirt or dress looks! For example in this outfit I found my sweater to be a bit too long, so I broke up the look with this statement detail.


Going Fringe-Free After 10 Years

clavi cut without fringe

You may already have noticed or read it in my latest outfit posts: After 10 years I finally decided to grow out my fringe! When I first got a fringe cut it was one of these ugly asymmetric ones that doesn't really look good on anybody, but I decided to stick with it anyway. I think in my teens I always had this urge to hide as much of me as possible so I wore wide clothes and well, a fringe. Later I learnt what I had to tell the hair dresser to get the fringe I actually wanted and that would actually look good on me, but I think I was still hiding because I always told myself my forehead was too huge for any hairdo without a fringe. I was okay with it though because straight bangs were trendy and as I said I could wear them. However a fringe is pretty dependent on care and styling and I'm not really someone to spend hours on their hairdo. So I decided to go fringe-free for the following reasons:


Outfit: Winter Whites and Overknees

outfit white dress grey overkness

I am truly in love with the light we've been spoilt with lately. Also I can't get enough of the winter wonderland that the north of Luxembourg currently is. So my boyfriend and I returned to this cute path for another outfit shooting, and yet again I wore a white summer item for a winter outfit. You may remember this laser cut dress from this or this outfit post, but I thought it would look pretty good with overknees, too.


Tried and Tested: Astor Style Lip Lacquer

Astor Style Lip Lacquer Review Gorgeous Style Just so Stylish Live your own Style Vamp Style

Those who follow my story on Snapchat have already seen that I won a huge package filled with lipsticks, eyeshadow pens, and nail polishes. As a part of this prize I also got these four Astor "Style Lip Lacquers", which is funny because I already had the pink one and have been wanting to do a review about it for ages. Now that I've been able to try even more of them, a review definitely makes sense, especially as I can now compare the matte and the regular lip lacquers.


Outfit: A Walk in the Snow

blue white snow winter outfit black bucket bag

Snow, finally! We didn't have a white Christmas in Luxembourg this year, but now we've got our winter wonderland. I've been having the idea of combining my turtleneck with white pants for quite a while, and this setting was just perfect to do so. Today was also the first time I could take out my new bucket bag, which I showed you in the last post. You will probably see it a lot over here, so you better get used to it already, haha! Finally you might also have noticed that I finally had the time to go to the hairdresser again, and go back to my beloved clavi cut length. However for the first time in 10 years (!) I decided not to get my bangs cut, because I want to grow them out. Would you be interested in a post about why and how?


New In: Lancaster Bucket Bag

You know bucket bags, i.e. these bags that have the shape of a bucket and can be closed with a drawstring, have been huge these last seasons. While I'm usually not crushing on trend bags ('cause they are simply too expensive and everybody has them after a certain time), I must admit that the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag was like a revelation to me. Bucket has quickly turned into my favourite bag shape and so I got a first representative of this category a few years ago. It was this cute, greige laser cut bucket bag, that I've been loving since I first saw it. Unfortunately the years have left their sign on my beloved bag, and so I went on the lookout for a Mansur Gavriel dupe in matt black.


The Right Hair Straightener For Your Needs

find best hair straightener

The hair straightener is to the 21st century, what hair rollers have been to the 20st century: Indispensable and decisive. I'm not trying to sound dramatic here, but getting a good hair straightener has really stepped up my hair game like nothing else. I've been using it when I had long hair, while I'm having my lob, and even during the time I had a pixie, and it always helped me to get the best out of my hair cut.


An Open Letter to Instagram Unfollowers

open letter to Instagram unfollowers
What would 2016 be without more discussions about Instagram? After all it will still be one of the most popular social media channels this year, and it will even keep on growing because people have just started to earn money over there last year. As you may remember I already did some Instagram rant last year with the post '5 Things that Annoy me about Instagram'. One of my 5 points were the Instagram unfollowers. However while they were a minor problem back when I wrote that post, I feel now that things are getting serious on Instagram, they have made unfollowing some kind of competitive sports. So this open letter goes out to them:


6 Ways to Wear a Long Vest All Year Round

6 ways to wear a long white vest all year round

Since I bought myself this white long vest at Mango last spring, I've been wearing it every single season in different combinations. That is mainly because it is so versatile and way easier to combine than those short, elegant black vests that were popular in my teens. Lately I got a comment from a reader telling me that she finds it quite hard to combine vests. So therefor I decided to make a little recap of my vest looks so far and tell you how the vest was able to add some extra trendiness.


How I Get Shit Done During Exam Period

lazy girls guide to getting shit done during exam period

People seem to be so motivated these days, because good resolutions and all. If however your year starts with a writing-essays-marathon aka getting-shit-done-month, chances are you'd prefer to stay in bed all day long and just procrastinate. That's why I prefer to get through with all the work as quickly as possible. As this is by far not my first exam period, but indeed my last(!), I've figured out some ways by now that really work for me to get shit done really quickly. So if you have a little procrastinate moment you should read through them. (You can even tell yourself that your essays, and homeworks, or whatever shit you're currently up to, will benefit from this as well... Promised!).


The Black Tights Question Answered

black tights yay or nay

Do you guys remember that we had a little black-tights-discussion going on here on the blog exactly one month ago? (You can reread it here.) Well if I had known the two brilliant articles about this very topic, which I only discovered yesterday evening, I would simply have told you to go read them. But as I have some time left today, I decided to sum them up for you guys and add a little personal conclusion. Here we go!


MochiThings: The Shop For Cute and Pretty Stationery

mochithings cute stationery

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to splurge on stationery of all kinds. I mean just look at how many New Year's resolutions can be stuck to with the help of some paper and pens: Being organized gets easier with a planner, sticking to a diet can be encouraged by keeping a diary, getting shit done is so much easier with fancy to-do lists, socializing gets fun with a pretty list of contacts, and so on and so on.


How I Solved My Beauty Problems By Doing Less

benefits of using less beauty products

We all have our little beauty problems. Some are easy to solve while some seem to stick with us for the rest of our lives. Fact is that most women spend lots of money on beauty products to get rid of spots, even their skin, strengthen their nails,... There is still this myth that the more expensive the beauty products, the better their impact. However after years of trying products of almost all price ranges, I would go so far as to say that often no beauty products are the best option. This post will explain to you how I solved some of my major beauty problems by simply stopping to use certain products.


Personal: Big Announcement!

Whenever I imagined telling you the news I'm about to tell you, I imagined it to be easier to find the right words. However it turned out that it's a much more personal thing than I had thought. 
It all happened on December 18th, when my boyfriend and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. It is a pretty long time to be together at a comparatively young age, and as 7 is also the magic number of relationships, I had planned to write a post about successfully being a couple. But then my boyfriend did something that made this post oh so insignificant, because he gave me much more exciting news to share. As you can guess by now: We're engaged!

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