Monthly Beauty Tops and Flops

beauty empties december

Usually I have a lot of posts to share in December. Not only is it the month of dressing up, but also the month of looking back and of making plans. I did certainly have a lot of things to look back on this year and I never had as many plans for a new year as for 2017. However with having started my new job two months ago, I'm still not back in the blogging rut.


Tried and Tested: Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics

I'm back with a beauty review and it's about a brand I hadn't hear of before. Dr. Juchheim is a direct selling brand that was founded by a German doctor. Just like any other direct selling beauty company, it promises revolutionary products with an immediate 'wow' effect. One of the brand's bestsellers is the ByeByeCellulite cream which I tried together with the Long Lash Effect Serum. I tried the products on request of one of the Dr. Juchheim consultants in Luxembourg, who provided me with the two products. As always that doesn't change anything to my honest opinion that I'll now share in this post.


Outfit: Sacha Buckle Booties

Fall/winter is the season for buying new cute boots. And I don't think I have another pair of shoes, that I wear quite as much as booties. After all fall and winter are longer in Luxembourg than spring and summer (or at least that's how I feel about seasons here). And as I need to wear my booties with basically every outfit, I went for all black ones last year. However sometimes they just disappear in my outfits, especially when I'm wearing black tights. So when Sacha offered me to choose a new pair of shoes from their range, I decided to opt for something more daring to dress my feet this fall/winter. That's how I ended up with these dope buckle boots in taupe beige.


Store Openings: Christian Louboutin & Cheer Up Store

It seems like last week was the week of store openings in Luxembourg city! On Thursday I was invited to the inauguration of Christian Louboutin and the new concept store Cheer Up Store. On Friday Lancel opened its first store in Luxembourg and Vol(t)age opened the doors of its second shop in town. On Saturday then, Luxembourg finally got a beautiful Jo Malone store, which I will check out tomorrow. Today however, I wanna tell you a bit about the store openings of Christian Louboutin  and Cheer Up Store:


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette

As you may remember I went to Sephora a few weeks ago to discover some of their novelties (check them out here). Apart from their own Sephora Collection, they obviously also had some awesome new stuff from the world's best known cosmetic brands, among them Urban Decay. Even though it's a really hyped brand, I hadn't tried any UD products so far, so I was really curious to try this lipstick palette.


Fashion Days Luxembourg 2016

I am quite late with my post about the Fashion Days Luxembourg, which already took place two weeks ago. However  I  didn't want to hide these pictures from you, as I think that some of the collections that were shown have yet again been quite brilliant. For the context of this fashion event in Luxembourg, you may want to take a look at my posts from last year here and here. Before we start to talk about the collections however, I also want to say a few words about the organisation.


Outfit: Hoctavius Jewellery

I'm finally back with an outfit post and it's in collaboration with a brand I have been following on Instagram for ages! I'm talking about Hoctavius, a jewellery brand by a Belgian girl called Cécile.


Caseapp Winter Design + Giveaway

caseapp wintery iphone case giveaway

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year it's hard for me to get in the Christmas mood though, as I won't be having a day off in between or before holidays. Therefor it's always good to start with Christmas decorations a bit earlier. Also when Caseapp asked me to choose another product from their store, I knew it had to be something wintery. That's why I went for a cute snow illustration by one of my favourite illustrators, Magalie Foutrier. I also designed a more neutral case to use after winter time, and I think it matches quite well, considering that I'm a working girl now.


Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

It gets time to review the emptied beauty products of the month. Lately it was all about clear skin so have a look at what worked for me and what didn't:


About Getting A Job, My 5th Blogiversary, And Other Life Updates

Hello friends! I'm back and oh my gosh did I miss talking to you! I feel like after one of my longest blogging hiatuses so far, I owe you an explanation of what's actually going on in my life right now. To sum it all up in one sentence: I turned into a full-value grown-up with responsibilities and shit within the last 4 months. But let's start at the beginning.


5 Ways To Wear Fishnet Tights In F/W 2016

photo via Daphale

There are things of which you never thought they'd ever come back in fashion again. You were convinced that they have died with their era. However when it comes to clothes you should never say never and so I even stopped counting all the comebacks we're currently seeing from the 90s. The latest addition to this seemingly endless list are fishnet tights. I am not quite sure in how far they've ever been socially acceptable. I, for one only wore my pair on carnival or Halloween. But now they've made it into my Instagram feed, which means that there must be people who actually wore them on the street (be it just to take a quick #ootd). Anyway, here's how to style fishnet tights according to Instagram fashionistas:


Project Wedding: Preparations So Far (10 Months To Go)

wedding fair luxexpo

Wow, in December it will already be a year since I got engaged! And I know I have been really bad at updating you with the preparations. Meanwhile it's 10 months till our wedding, which will now officially be at 25th August 2017. I know it may seem like an odd date, but to us it was more important to choose a day when most of our friends and family would be available, rather than a date that sounds good. So in this post I will share all of our present preparations, but also my feelings about the big day so far.


Lush Christmas Range 2016

We've already had a look at the Christmas collections of Rituals and Sephora, but what would holiday beauty be without Lush? And this year we're starting off with good news because everything from last year's Christmas collection is again available this autumn/winter at Lush. Comparing the  products from last year (check this post) and the new products above, you will immediately notice that the 2016 products look way less Christmasy.


Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops

October beauty empties

↓ Flops

TECHNIC Lashitude Mascara
Do you remember my review of Technic cosmetics? I was pretty satisfied with most of their products, but unfortunately the mascara turned out to be considerably less good. I smells quite nasty and also doesn't give the promised volume. It doesn't define my lashes and also makes them look less full than they appear when I use other mascaras. So far one of the weakest mascaras I tried.


Outfit: Safari Dress in Autumn

So far I didn't get the chance to show you this safari dress that I bought along with a pencil skirt and a bell blouse at Target this summer. However you could already see me wearing it at 35°C in this Instagram photo. Today however, you will get my autumnal version of styling a green midi dress.


New Sephora Collection Products

Sephora Collection products 2016

As I already told you guys on Instagram, I began at my first job last week. I am eager to tell you all the details about it, but for now I just want to see how it goes for me. Maybe I will write an entire post about what I studied and how I found a job. Would that be interesting for you? Anyway what I actually wanna talk about is the Sephora event I attended on Friday in order to discover their new products. After a week of getting up way too early, I found it hard to concentrate on all the product info, but therefor it felt all the more amazing to get pampered in a little makeover session. I was looked after by shop assistant Anita, who did an amazing job with my makeup and even got me to like a bold yellow and orange eyeshadow on myself. All in all the Sephora family gave me the warmest welcome and made me feel like a part of their team. And I certainly can't thank them enough for the huge goodie bag I went home with! Now let's have a look at some of the products that were inside!


Best Beauty Boxes Available In Luxembourg

We all know the famous beauty boxes that are being delivered on a monthly basis to beauty addicts all over the world. My absolute favourite has got to be the 'My Little Box' which comes up with the cutest surprises in the history of beauty boxes. Unfortunately, just like so many of the good things in life, the 'My Little Box' isn't available in Luxembourg. I could use my P.O. box to get it sent here but that would cost me an additional 5€ and let's be honest, beauty boxes are already expensive enough. So instead of being annoyed by the injustice of living in one of Europe's smallest countries, I decided to do some research on which beauty boxes are actually available for delivery to Luxembourg. And surprisingly I got more results than I had thought. Do you already know these 7 boxes from Germany, France and Belgium?


Outfit: Fall Office Attire

fashion blogger luxembourg blogueuse mode

Today I'm not really in the mood to talk about my outfit. My feelings are a mess these days and I find it hard to really concentrate on a specific subject. So instead I want to write down a few thoughts about gratitude, as it's something I've been thinking about today. I don't know how about you but I tend to be really ungrateful sometimes. I wallow in self-pity even though I have no reason to feel sorry about myself. The major problem is that we easily forget about the good things in our lives and only think about the bad. We remember every insult but overhear the compliments we get. So after a while we seal ourselves off from others because we think everyone wants to harm us, but we completely forget that we need others, and what's more important, that they need us. Feeling sorry for yourself is easy, but caring about others requires courage. Let's all be a bit braver these days.


Rituals Christmas Collection 'The Ritual Of Light'

Rituals The Ritual Of Light Christmas Collection Review

One of the best things about Christmas has got to be the launch of Christmas themed beauty products (along with the launch of Christmas themed food of course). No wonder that this blog always turns more into a beauty rather than a fashion blog around the last 3 months of the year.


The 5 Kenzo x H&M Pieces I Might Actually Buy

Kenzo x H&M Collaboration Lookbook revealed

The full lookbook of H&M's latest designer coup is out and it reveals that the collection created by the Parisian fashion house Kenzo might be more wearable than the first campaign photos suggested after all. In case you don't remember, the first photos the world got to see of Kenzo x H&M featured a catsuit style combo of tiger print pants and pullovers in red and blue, combined with pink tiger print boots. Even though I am pretty sure that we'll be seeing these boots on Instagram more than we'd actually like to, I don't think that this whole tiger print thing will appeal to the masses. But luckily there's this other side of the collaboration that is still really colourful but has this dreamy boho-latina-folklore touch with a modern twist. Due to the colours and cuts most clothes can be worn both in winter and summer so investing in one of these pieces might not be so stupid after all. In a world where I'd have way more zeroes on my bank account, I would go for the following 5 pieces:


Outfit: Flares on Flares

Jackets and coats are often being considered as a necessity that protects us from cold or rain. A lot of fashion bloggers therefor put off their coat when shooting looks in the wintertime, because it hides their actual outfit. However to me the secret of having a good style is being able to wear outwear in a way that it naturally looks like a part of your outfit. Like you were intending to wear that very jacket when you decided on your pants, pullover and shoes.


Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2016

I know, I know... Some of you think it's way too early to start talking about Christmas - and you're right! However it definitely isn't too early to start looking into beauty Advent calendars. Quite the contrary as the best of them are already sold out!


Outfit: Patches and Graffiti

It has been getting quite girly here lately with my last outfit posts. So I thought I'd go back to something casual again. And what's more casual than a boyfriend jeans? You might remember that I customized mine last spring (here's the DIY tutorial). How good that patches will still be a thing in fall/winter! Something else that's still a trend is 90s layering, i.e. plain white shirts under a camisole or slip dress. For a little touch of elegance I combined it all with my pointed flats and my all time favourite bucket bag. As for the scenery we chose some awesome graffiti that popped up in Luxembourg city some weeks ago. How do you like the look?


Lux Fashion Week 2016

Lux Fashion Week Arlon 2016

I have been waiting for it all summer long and last Friday it finally took place: The second edition of the Lux Fashion Week runway in Arlon. To refresh your memory: The Lux Fashion Week 'défilé' was held for the first time last year, featuring 9 really talented Belgian designers. The location for the fashion show was, just like this year, an old train depot.


Monthly Beauty Tops and Flops

Sometimes all it takes to make something interesting again is a new name, right? Well I'm not sure if that will help for this post series, but as you can see I renamed my 'Beauty Empties' to 'Monthly Beauty Tops And Flops'. The content will still stay the same, which means that I will continue to review emptied beauty products at the end of each month. However thanks to a scale from 'flops' to 'tops' you will now immediately see which of these products I'm recommending and which weren't worth the purchase. This should be particularly interesting for those who come here to discover new try-worthy products, and aren't looking for any particular review. You will still be able to find all monthly beauty reviews under the tag 'empties' below this post.


Outfit: How To Wear Pleated Skirts In F/W '16

pleated midi skirt military jacket fall/winter 2016

Have you already cleared out the pink pleated skirt that you bought 5 years ago? If not: Congrats, you'll be able to wear it again this fall/winter! If yes: Don't worry, this is your excuse to buy the version 2.0 of pleated skirts this season.


Another 10 Instagram Accounts From Luxembourg

Lately I've been discovering more and more amazing Instagram accounts from young, talented people who are somehow related to Luxembourg. Given the fact that I use Instagram for almost all of my lifestyle related researches, I love following locals to always be up to date with events and other news. However as Luxembourgish people love to travel, following these accounts will also trigger some major wanderlust, no matter where you live. And for even more Instagram inspo (from Luxembourg) make sure to check out the links at the end of this post!


Outfit: Off-The-Shoulder Flower Dress

Have you guys ever noticed how much creativity it takes to put an outfit together? I mean I'm not gonna say that my ootds are artworks, far from that. But finding something to wear that fits the weather, fits your mood, fits the occasion, looks good together, and is a different combination from how you already wore certain clothes - well all of this requires a good amount of thinking process. Somehow lately I've had the creative streak that it takes and I've noted down a whole list of looks that I wanna wear as long as the weather isn't too bad yet. And er yes, of course I have a list for outfits...


The Bags You'll Wanna Save All Your Money For

When it comes to bags the last few seasons have been really strong and Gucci has undoubtedly been the leader of it-bags. The brand hasn't just dictated this year's bag shapes, but is also one of the triggers of the comeback of kitsch and opulence.


Manic(ure) Monday: Greige, The New Beige

If I would still go to high school then today would be my back to school day. Somehow I'm overly glad that I am done with school and university, but on the other hand I also miss the time in my life when I didn't have to take a lot of important decisions myself. Currently as I'm looking for a job, planning my wedding and about to build a house, I feel more like an adult than ever. So that's why this post is dedicated to everyone who currently had to go back to the seriousness of real life. Be it school, your job or other important appointments: Let's make sure we're rocking this with a sophisticated manicure!


USA Travel Diary: West Coast

Here we are for the second part of my US travel diaries. The last stop of part one was Washington, from where we flew to Los Angeles to continue our bus trip with another tour group and guide. Los Angeles has probably been the stop I have most been looking forward to, so let's see if the city disappointed me or not...


Tried and Tested: Tangle Teezer

The Original Tangle Teezer Review

We all know that the fashion industry comes up with major new trends every season that are being hyped beyond all measure. However the same happens in the beauty industry. Be it the Babyliss hair curlers, the ghd straighteners, the Beauty Blender, the Invisibobble or currently the Kylie Lip Kits - Every beauty addict had to have these products in her bathroom. One of these hyped beauty products was and is the Tangle Teezer.


Outfit: Bordeaux on all White

Is there anything better than coming home from holidays at the end of summer and still having good weather at home? It somehow feels like summer will never end, even though I've reached the point where I'm looking forward to fall (fashion). As yesterday was the chilliest day of the week, I decided to create a look that has some elements of both summer and autumn. The bordeaux red is a clear autumn colour for me, even though I find that this jacket goes surprisingly well with my summer attire.


USA Travel Diary: East Coast

Here we go with the long anticipated USA travel posts! So as you might know I did a road trip by bus, which allowed me to discover both the East Coast and the West Coast of North America. That's why I decided to split my travel diary in two, first telling you what happened between my arrival in New York and my departure from Washington. Next week I will then talk about our trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Instead of recounting every little thing we did in America, I will just give you a brief introduction to the places we visited, tell you what I particularly liked or disliked about them, and of course also give you some food and shopping suggestions along the way. Are you ready to discover North America with me?


Beauty Empties August

beauty empties August sunscreen review

For the August edition of my empties post, I thought I'd concentrate on products that are potential summer beauty helpers. And I say potential because as usual I wasn't satisfied with everything that I tested. One must have summer product is of course sunscreen and this year I've been going even one step further when it comes to sun care... What else is important in summer? For me it's straight hair that resists the heat and humidity. Therefor we'll be having a look at a shampoo range with coconut oil. Last but not least I'm also reviewing something that was praised as a real game changer in skin care.


Outfit: WhoWhatWear for Target

WhoWhatWear for Target collection outfit worn

Here we go again! I'm back from the US and, first things first, I want to thank you all so much for leaving the cutest comments under my last post and on Instagram. Some of you even gave me recommendations on what to do in the different cities I've been visiting so also thanks a million for that! I know you are eagerly waiting for detailed travel posts here on the blog, and they will definitely be coming! It's just that I took too many pictures to edit them all in two days, but the first post is planned for Friday so make sure to check back then if you're into some major US travel tips!


My Summer 2016 Travel Plans

While most of you have probably already been on holiday and are thinking about fall fashion and going back to school/work, my summer experience is only just coming up. I've already announced it on Instagram: I'll be doing a US road trip!


How I'm Preparing for an 8+ Hour Flight

prepare long flight in-flight beauty essentials plane

On Friday I will be posting some more details about my summer holidays this year, but as you might already know from my social media channels I'll be going to the US this month! As I have never left Europe before I also never flew such a long distance. And I must admit that the perspective of spending more than 8 hours in a plane is quite terrifying. I'm not afraid of flying but thanks to my fiancé, how has been watching every single plane crash documentary with me, I also don't ignore the potential danger. However what I'm much more afraid of than a plane crash, is the fact that I'll have to sit in one place for half a day, probably feeling cramped and so bored that it will make me terribly nervous. That's why I've been thinking about some ways to make this flight as pleasant as possible and who'd I be not to share them with you?


How I Clean My White Sneakers

clean white shoes sneakers tutorial

In my teens it were Converse and Vans, later on I swore by the white 9,99- H&M fabric shoes, and now I've fallen for the Stan Smith trend. Fact is there have always been white shoes in my life that needed to be kept clean (because shabby chic was not an expression that my mother kept in her vocabulary and by now I prefer clean shoes, too).


Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Pros and Cons

Snapchat Instagram Stories pros and cons

A few days ago the social media community has yet again been confronted with a stirring update. After the news that Instagram will change its algorithm, which caused quite some confusion and anger among the community, the app now surprised us with Instagram stories. You don't need to be a social media pro to notice that this new function has been more than inspired by Snapchat.


Outfit: What I Wore To A Job Interview

Zara orange flower kimono blouse

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook already know that I am currently looking for my first real job. Luckily not all of my applications are being ignored, so I already had the one or other job interview. One of the things about job interviews that is highly discussed, is the outfit you should be wearing. Well now guess that I'm not into blazers at 25°C so I had to ask myself what to wear instead that would make me look qualified and capable.


Get Your Tech Fit For Summer (GIVEAWAY!)

caseapp macbook skin iphone case tropical patches review giveaway

For a girl like me, who uses her phone more than any human being should, getting a new case is about as exciting as getting a new bag or pair of shoes. That's why I am always happy to collaborate with tech supply stores that sell pretty and not so average cases. CaseApp is one of these shops as it doesn't only offers popular marble designs but also allows you to create a custom iPhone case or laptop skin. I was allowed to choose two products so I decided to try and review both services for you. Make sure to read until the end as you will be able to win one free product from their store!


What's Up? #8

update kenzo x H&M

Another week has come to an end and while we've got one full month of summer left, my thoughts started revolving around the colder months. No wonder that this post is about Ikea's autumn collection, Kenzo x H&M which will be launched in November and a charming German city around Christmas time. Apart from that however I'm busy planning my US trip so for the daily dose of summer inspo you should definitely follow me on Instagram!


Beauty Empties July

beauty empties july hair care dry shampoo review

I am definitely guilty of using the same beauty brands over and over again. So those who read my empties posts to discover new products might be happy to see that today I'm featuring some brands I have hardly or never talked about on Clothes and Camera. They happen to be somewhat more expensive products than usual as well, but to find out if they're worth splurging on you gotta read on...


Why You Can Ignore Most Blogging Advice

blogging advice useless

In the world wide web there are so many things that can absorb you. You'll spend your time clicking from one page to the next, losing track of time. When you're a blogger chances are this has happened to you with blogging advice. There was a time when I clicked on every single link that said something about tips. In the end I didn't even have time left to actually check the posts of my favourite bloggers.


DIY Wrap Around Bracelet + Giveaway

the P cookery DIY wrap around Bastelset

I admit that I am not really talented when it comes to DIY. Mostly this is due to the fact that I don't have the needed materials at home or that I'm simply not patient enough. Nevertheless I tend to get crafty during the summer months, as you might have noticed after some DIY posts here lately. That's why I was quite pleased when The P. Cookery asked me to review one of their crafting kits.


What's Up? #7

weekly fashion beauty news

During the summer months there's usually not much going on in the fashion industry, until in September the big four fashion weeks are starting. And still I constantly get newsletters and brand updates of which I found some share-worthy enough to talk about in today's 'What's Up?'.


How To Get Into (Berlin) Fashion Week

how to get into fashion week

So I've been to Berlin Fashion Week and it's about time to stop annoying you with my many posts about that topic. However there's one that I feel like I should publish nevertheless. Because in fact it is pretty easy to get into fashion week and still there is no one out there telling you how to actually proceed. Even though so many bloggers have already attended various fashion events all around the world, they still keep it a secret how they managed to get these freaking invitations. So if like me you've failed to find a post about how to really get into fashion week until now, then this one's for you my fellow blogger friend. You will see that it's not that hard and basically just requires some serious research. The big four international fashion weeks will be in September so you still got time to try your luck to get into them. There really is nothing you need to be afraid of and even if you don't manage to attend a show, there are still so many other events during fashion week that will make a trip to the fashion city of your choice worth it.


1 Straw Hat - 3 Travel Destinations (DIY)

DIY floppy straw hat scarf embellishment

Whenever I went on holiday as a child and my mum helped me pack my suitcase, she would also force me to take a headpiece to protect me from sunstroke. Of course I didn't understand this safety measure back then and really wasn't eager to walk around with a baseball cap on the beach. How good that the hat selection for women has to offer more than that.


Outfit: Print For Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week Outfit Leaf Print Culottes

You can't go to Berlin and shoot outfits without benefiting at least once from the many graffiti walls. How good that my third fashion week look perfectly matched the street that one of that day's events led us to. And also this third outfit was designated to match my only bag and pair of shoes that I had taken to Berlin.

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