Christmas Essentials

Christmas beauty jewellery essentials

Christmas is just around the corner and I managed to buy some very last presents yesterday. Now it's time to concentrate on the calm and thoughtful aspects of this holiday. I can't wait to spend some time with family members I haven't seen in a while and share some happiness with them. On a more personal note I surely also like Christmas because it allows me to dress up for once and get them sequins out of my closet. Not that I would be dying to wear sequins but sometimes we all need a little sparkle in our lives, don't we? Here is a list of things that help me make Christmas an even prettier holiday:

1. Sequins

Sequins make dressing up so easy. A jacket, vest or leggings combined with otherwise casual items and you're ready for the next Christmas party! I like to stick to black sequins but why not go crazy with the coloured versions, too? My latest crush is a black transparent jacket with sequin details which I got second hand from my aunt. Check back tomorrow to see how I'll combine it for Christmas...

2. Glitter Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

When it comes to cosmetics I prefer matte nudes all year round but the holidays are perfect to experiment with some glitter. I lately got this palette from Only You and I'm sure I'll use it more than once these days. For those who want to go all in, I can only recommend a glitter eyeliner like the one I used for my Christmas makeup last year

3. Red Lips and Nails

When it comes to the rest of my Christmas makeup I love to keep it traditional as well, with red lips and red nails. Currently I'm highly crushing on the Monop' nail polish in "Bordeaux". If you haven't tried their products yet you should really give them a try, the texture of the nail polish is just amazing!

4. Christmas themed jewellery

I admit I'm a sucker for themed jewellery anyway, but when it comes to Christmas I can't hold myself back. No wonder I fell for the cute two star bracelet from Rina Oliveira (buy yours with 10% off when using the code CAC-XMAS10). 
Furthermore I recently won this beautiful Swatch with white flowers, and even though it sounds more like a summer watch, I think the fact that it's white and transparent makes it perfect for every season. And why not think of the flowers as ice flowers? 

Want more sparkle and happiness? Check back tomorrow for my last minute Christmas outfit idea featuring the awesome transparent sequin jacket you can spot above, and a lovely giveaway featuring beauty products and local jewellery! 

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