The Brand to Buy Your New Year's Eve Outfit

reformation sustainable conscious new year's eve elegant party dress

New Year's Eve is one of those days when I always felt like dressing up and partying into the new year. As a child we mostly celebrated at my aunt's house, and she and I spent the whole afternoon getting ready for the night. This year I will be spending NYE at home with my family, so no need to dress up. However if you have planned a big celebration, a pretty outfit is a must. Instead of browsing your usual online stores to find a dress, I'd recommend you rather check out the brand Reformation this year!
Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand from Los Angeles and I recently came across it when looking for eco-friendly clothes. What was really striking was the fashion forward style of this brand, that works with sustainable fabrics, vintage garments and recycled material.
Besides latest trends like A-line skirts, lace-up tops, and turtleneck sweaters, the brand sells some of the prettiest dresses I've seen in a long time. Glitter, velvet and deep necklines are the keywords here. 
The brand offers free worldwide shipping so there is no excuse not to give it a try! For the shown dresses and more inspiring outfits, simply check their special NYE collection here


  1. Nice outfits :)
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    Maria V.

  2. that sounds like such an exciting brand! i'm still looking for a dress myself.. hmm


  3. they seem to have fabulous dresses! I loved the 3rd one from the image :)


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