Blog Resolutions for 2016

blog resolutions 2016

Those of you who've been following my blog for a few years know that I used to blog almost every day. For this year I've set myself a schedule of 5 posts a week. Some weeks I succeeded but I also had times where I only posted 3 articles a week. This is not due to the fact that I had less time this year, but rather due to my rebranding which I already shortly mentioned.
This year I went through all my old posts as they needed a little adaptation to my new design, and I noticed that I've been blogging about everything and anything. I've always called this a fashion blog but there were times when Clothes and Camera was more about beauty and food than anything to do with fashion. However showing my personal style and talking about fashion news was what initially made me start this blog. Since I've moved back to Luxembourg I've also known this huge interest in local designers, so personal style and local fashion news are the direction I want my blog to go and which I already tried to pursue this year.
As I'm already having this vision in mind which is not so different from the vision I had for this year, my blogging resolutions are rather technical than contentual. However if you want to influence the content of this blog, too you can still take the poll that's running in the sidebar. But let's go over to my actual blog resolutions for 2016 now.

Stop Reading, Start Doing

It is crazy how much blogging advice you can find on the world wide web. Nowadays everybody seems to be a social media or entrepreneur expert and have the solution for your blog. You can easily spend a whole day just clicking from one article to the next and end up knowing everything about blogging but doing nothing because you still feel like you should read even more before you're good enough to go. This is of course nonsense. I started this blog with absolutely no plan and I think my blog was more popular back then when I just did what felt naturally to me and not what I had read in a blogging advice post. 

Stop Consulting the Wrong Sources

This one goes with the point above. I'm not saying that learning new things about blogging is nonsense, but in order to benefit from the advice out there, it's important to consult the right sources. I noticed that I spent too much time reading tips from American entrepreneur bloggers. While they give valuable advice and are good at earning money with their blogs, they offer totally different services than I do and they obviously also have a way different audience. The social media sites that work in the US don't necessarily work for Europe and of course gaining new followers is easier when you give valuable advice about blogging, than when you just share your personal style. 

Reach a More Local Audience

As I said the tips from the US bloggers often didn't work for me for geographic reasons. Actually it's really important to me to reach local readers from Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France. At the moment most of my followers come from the US and even though I'm happy if they stick around, too, they might not be the ideal audience for the local fashion news that are a part of my blog content. 

Distribute my Business Cards more often

Back when I lived in Germany I often went to events where I met new people so I gave out quite a few business cards. Back in Luxembourg I've met countless new people, too but as the country is so small, I already networked with some of the in one way or another before meeting up, so they most probably already knew my blog before I could give them my card. Like this I somehow forgot that I even have the possibility to distribute my cards and my goal for 2016 is to hand out all I've left now. 

Stop Posting just for the Sake of it

Back when I stuck to a one post a day schedule, I often racked my brain about what I could post about and thus sometimes just posted for the sake of it. One of the reasons why I posted way less this year, is that I stopped posting just anything to fill my schedule. And still I sometimes have a bad feeling about not posting and thus come up with a post I would normally not have posted. 

Concentrate on the Social Media Sites that Work for me

I've been using most social media sites that are common for fashion bloggers. Among them Twitter which I've been using since 2012. However the site really didn't work for me. Even though I have almost 500 followers over there, I don't generate traffic from Twitter at all. So why should I keep using it? Just because it's one of the big social media representatives?! Of course I could do my best to up my Twitter game but I could also use that time to improve the social media channels that already work for me. My newest social media project is Pinterest, just in case you want to follow me over there

Only Work with Brands that Value my Blog

You don't need many followers to get cooperation requests. Nowadays almost every brand noticed that collaborating with bloggers has many benefits. However just as some bloggers are not good at it, there are just as many companies who have no clue how to make cooperations work for both parties. After more than 4 years of blogging I am really sick and tired of those mass emails that are being sent out to hundreds of random bloggers without a personal note. This year I already just worked with brands whose products I truly liked, but in 2016 I will go a step further and only work with a brand if I like them, and they like me, too!

What about you blogging ladies? What are your blog goals and resolutions for 2016? 

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