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beauty empties december winter edition Lush Beauticology

Here we go with the last empties post of 2015 and obviously it's a pretty Christmasy edition this month. And when I say Christmas and beauty it's pretty clear there will be some Lush products in this post. As you might remember from this post I've been provided with half of their winter collection, but I haven't been taking a bath in months so I just tried the shower jelly so far. As for the other products I'll review today, some are last year's winter editions or I got them last year around Christmas (like the Benefit mascara from my Advent calendar 2014). Whether old or new, let's see which were actually worth the purchase:

GARNIER Ultra Doux "Honey Treasures" shampoo

As I said in last month's empties post I should do a roundup of just Ultra Doux products as I'm using so many of them. When it comes to the "Honey Treasures" range I hadn't tried it before. Unfortunately the shampoo didn't convince me entirely. I had to use quite much shampoo to clean my entire head of hair. Therefor I'm currently back at using my all time favourite from the Ultra Doux range, which I will probably be reviewing here next month. 

LUSH "Hot Toddy" shower gel

Everybody who has entered a Lush store before knows that their products have a really strong smell. So you'd better like the scent of the product you're using. Unfortunately this was not the case for me with the Hot Toddy shower gel from Lush's winter collection last year. To me it smelled like old Coke and just way too intense of all kinds of spices. Also the glitter in the shampoo stuck to the bottom of the bottle. Unfortunately this shower gel is the first Lush product I would not repurchase so it's good they didn't have it in this year's collection. 

LUSH "Santa's Belly" shower jelly

From this year's Lush range I got "Santa's Belly" which is a shower jelly that comes in a pot. At the beginning I liked to use it because it was slippery and fun and it smells of fresh apple juice. Unfortunately as soon as the jelly started coming apart it was hard to properly use it and most jelly ended up in the drain and not on my body. I'll definitely stick to shower gels and foams now. 

BEAUTICOLOGY "Hot Chocolate" shower crème

This shower cream was definitely the revelation of the season. I already bought it last year in a gift box together with a gingerbread shower gel and a marshmallow body lotion. As I had never tried Beauticology products before I wasn't sure if the smell would be natural or overpowering but it turned out this shower cream smelled of real hot chocolate in the most satisfying way! I loved to smell the chocolate scent on my hands after each shower and I'm pretty sad it's empty now. I hope the gingerbread shower gel will smell just as good. 

BENEFIT "Bad Gal Lash" mascara

As I already said I got this mascara in last year's Benefit Advent calendar which is why it has sample size. I know many girls swear on Benefit mascaras but so far they couldn't really convince me. I think the mascara is good for a natural look and separated lashes, but it doesn't create a dramatic voluminous look like you would expect with that name.

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  1. Ich liebe das Hot Teddy Duschgel <3 In Deutschland gab es das dieses Jahr leider nicht :-(((((


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