15 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Most Popular Blog Posts 2015

Christmas is over which means that it's officially time to look back on 2015 and prepare for 2016. We will surely all admit that time has passed too quickly once again, but do you still remember every single experience of 2015? I surely don't so I like to look back on all the good stuff that happened to me over the last 12 months. When it comes to my blog a review is not only of nostalgic value, but also fairly interesting as it helps me to create even more content that you will like.
Funnily enough the list of my most popular posts of the year is crazily mixed this time. Some of the posts have been really important to me as well, some are popular evergreens and some had already disappeared from my mind. For example the two posts about beauty Advent calendars were the most popular ones of the year, which was pretty clear as they are a really searched topic in the world wide web. Some local posts on the other hand got such a high number of clicks because they were shared by many of you. The fact that there are two Instagram posts in this list should not be really surprising either.
What was interesting for me to see was the fact that there were still quite a few beauty posts that you really liked, even more than fashion related topics! As I've been a bit in a rebranding process all year long, I was actually about to write less beauty posts, and more about fashion and personal style. Therefor I don't just want to look on the numbers, but also hear your thoughts on my blog topics. You can either tell me your favourite post this year in the comments, or take the poll in my sidebar. And now the list of my post popular posts this year: 

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2. Benefit Advent Calendar 2014 Review

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5. Puffy Eyes? Try These Quick & Easy Tricks

6. 5 Favourite Lip Products of the Season

7. Top 10 Beauty Discoveries of 2014

8. Must Have Flats for Summer 2015

9. Outfit: Casual Denim

10. H&M Studio AW 2015

11. Manic(ure) Monday: MAC Studio Nail Lacquer

12. Outfit: New Year

13. 5 Things That Annoy Me About Instagram

14. Lux Fashion Week Runway Show

15. Giveaway: Pochette de Janette

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