New In: Grey Overknees (+ How to Find Your Perfect Pair)

flat grey overknees wide shaft big legs

Here they are, my long sought-after overknees! It was not easy to find a pair that matches all of my requirements: flat heels, grey (faux) suede, wide shaft, and under 150€. Actually there were just two pairs I could find that met my expectations, which were the ones shown above, and this pair via Amazon. No need to say both were sold out in my size and the "back in stock" date for the pair I finally got was constantly postponed.
Nevertheless I didn't stop checking on them, because at not even 90€ they were totally in my price range. A few days ago I saw that even though they still didn't have my size (40), they apparently had gotten a few in size 41 left and so I didn't wait much longer and just ordered them. I will have to see how suitable they are for daily use, but so far I'm quite happy about my purchase.
My new overknees are from the German brand Andrea Conti, and even though I bought them via About You, they are available in several other German online stores like Otto or Baur, too. (Neither of them ships to Luxembourg which is why I made use of the Post Packup Service.)
The boots are also available in black, brown, and blue (which are really pretty, too), but as I said they're almost sold out completely. If however you'll manage to find your size, or are willing to wait until they are back in stock, I should tell you that the shaft is really wide so if you have skinny or "regular" legs they might not sit really tight.

Find your perfect pair:

1. Don't just browse your regular online stores, your perfect pair of overknees might be hidden in unconventional places! You should definitely check Amazon and eBay, too.
2. Ideally the seller should give indications about the shaft size, so you can measure if the boots will fit your leg. Stretch back panels on the boots might be a good option, but still not a sure bet they'll definitely fit your legs. 
3. If you go for a more expensive pair, you'll probably want to wear it for many years, so make sure the colour really matches your wardrobe. 
4. If you want to avoid an overly sexy look you should not go for black-leather-pointed-heel-overknees all at once. Opting for (faux) suede is the best way to make sure your boots look classy and not tacky.

I will soon be posting a new outfit with my overknees so if there's anything more you'd like to know, for example about how to combine them, just let me know in the comments. Have you found your ideal pair yet or will you be skipping this trend for another season?


  1. Die Overknees sind ein Traum..

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermaedchen

  2. I love OTT boots. I've been eying a black pair on ASOS. They're at a good price and I can return them easily if they don't fit right on me. But I've been holding off because it's going into summer and they'll just be collecting dust :o(


    1. I understand your struggle but if you really like them, chances are you'll be looking for a pair that's equally awesome next winter, and don't find one anymore... ;)


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