Beauty Empties November

Here we go with my monthly review of emptied beauty products. Except for the conditioner all products are from summery limited editions, but next month's review will be more wintry - promised!

RITUALS "Mandi Lulur" Shower Foam

I had already introduced the Mandi Lulur special edition by Rituals a few months ago and now I've used up the first product. I've always loved these Rituals shower foams so I couldn't wait to try this one. As described here the frangipani scent is really strong so I wouldn't have wanted to try any more products of this range at the same time. However I still have the body scrub left, which I'm really eager to give a try. Even though the range isn't available anymore, I can highly recommend to give the Rituals shower foams a try, but maybe go for a lighter scent (for example with mint). 

YVES ROCHER "Lemon Basil" Refreshing Exfoliating Shower Gel

Even though I prefer rougher scrubs, this one is ideal for more sensitive areas of the body, and really refreshing at the same time. Any combination of lemon and basil always reminds me of hot summer days in Italy. So if you want a little holiday feeling in the middle of winter, you can still purchase the products of this range at Yves Rocher. 

GARNIER "Ultra Doux" Argan and Camellia Oil conditioner

I don't know how many times I've said this but the Ultra Doux range is definitely my favourite for shampoos. The conditioners are not quite as good as more expensive products I've tried, but I like the smell of this one, and of course the fact that it's paraben free. Currently I'm using the Ultra Doux honey shampoo and the next one will be an old favourite of mine with henna and blackberry. Maybe I should write a comparing review of all three and designate my favourite? 

BALEA raspberry hand lotion

I bought this product when I was on the lookout for a cheap hand cream and so I went for the lotion, which is naturally cheaper than a richer cream. The smell reminded me of raspberry yogurt, which became quite annoying after a while. Nevertheless the lotion was rich and absorbing at the same time, and thus perfect for summer.


  1. the YVES ROCHER "Lemon Basil" Refreshing Exfoliating Shower Gel must smell divine... i want!!! xxx

    1. Yes, it smells really lovely! I think you should still be able to grab it online or in some stores, but you'd better hurry up as I don't think they'll have it during winter...

  2. Thanks to you I've been using the Garnier Ultra Doux conditioners for a couple of months now. And I still love them, my favorite is the avocado one. I use quite a bit (maybe too much) conditioner as I have a lot of thick hair, so buying bottle after bottle of expensive conditioner would ruin me.

    beauty visions

    1. Aww so nice to hear I could help you find a suited conditioner! I totally understand what you mean! Investing in expensive hair products is something I never understood and Garnier really does a good job :)

  3. The YVES ROCHER scrub looks great!


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