5 Bloggers Who Styled Overknees On Point

The sexiest footgear of all times is on everyone's lips again. We're obviously talking about overknees, or over knees, or over-the-knee boots, however you want to call them. You sure agree that there is no other kind of shoes which is that hard to shop. For example I want flat grey ones with a large upper and no, I don't have a Stuart Weitzman budget. So while I keep looking for my perfect pair, I'm giving you some inspiration on how good overknees make any outfit look. (Oh and a little shopping selection and the end, too!)

Overknees and Hat

Natalia from TWINFASHION went for a burgundy and black outfit to which she added a white coat. I love how she alternated the main colours from head to toe. Starting of with a burgundy hat (the best accessoire to wear with overknees), then a black top, a burgundy skirt, and finally black overknees.

Overknees as Statement

Annabelle from VivaLuxury has probably the most amazing overknees ever (they from Stuart Weitzman, of course) and wears them as a statement with a grey dress. 

Grey Overknees

Grey overknees are definitely my favourites, but nobody says you can't pair them with unconventional colours. Would you have guess that they look this good with an all camel outfit, like the one Margaret from Shine By Three wore?

Overknees instead of Tights

Leonie from Ohh Couture is my personal overknee queen! With this amazing outfit full of embroideries and strong patterns, she went for rather simple overknees, which she wore like tights.

Overknees Tone in Tone

Christine from Hello Fashion shows that overknees don't always need to be heeled ones to look fabulous. With this tone in tone look she did everything right, and I especially love how the material of the skirt complements the boots. 

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  1. All of these ladies look absolutely stunning in their over-the-knee boots! I don't think I'll ever wear over-the-knee boots even though they are very pretty - I'm more of an ankle boots girl, haha :)

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE


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