4th Blogiversary & Thoughts About Blogging

Happy Birthday Clothes and Camera! It's been four years since I started this blog. Four crazy years with you guys. A lot has changed since I started off with Clothes and Camera. Not only has my style evolved, but I have also narrowed down the topics I write about on this blog. "Finding a niche" how it's called among experts. But have I really found my niche? Have I found my blogging voice and rhythm over the years? Is everything flourishing and am I satisfied with how everything goes? Certainly not.
There is still lots of room for improvement, even after all these years. But I guess that's okay. If blogging weren't a challenge anymore, I would certainly not enjoy it as much as I still do. And it definitely is challenging to keep up with my own standards. There is so much I would like to do better but I just can't because I'm lacking the time or the skills. And that is certainly frustrating. Last month I had even reached the point where I was constantly telling myself that no matter what I do it will never be good enough. Sure, I am doing this for the fun, but I also take the whole blogging business quite serious (maybe too serious?) and I want to know that the effort I put into this blog is not in vain. 
So luckily there's you to show me that what I do here is appreciated in one way or another after all. Some new likes on my Facebook page even though I didn't get that invitation, a lovely comment here on the blog even though it didn't work out with a cooperation partner, many clicks on my latest outfit post even though the pictures didn't quite turn out the way I had imagined them... These are the things that keep me going. 
So if I learnt one thing during these four years, that I could give newbie bloggers to take along, it's that you should listen to your own voice and don't get too distracted by what others do. There will always be someone who is more successful than you are but that shouldn't be a reason for you to think that you are bad at what you do. The same goes for all of this blogging advice that is flooding the Internet. Even though it's good to know about things such as niche, design, statistics, and so on, you should never let this "expert" advice define how you want your blog to be like. 
I highly believe in the power of being different. I admit I'm not a unconventional thinker when it comes to fashion, but I simply don't see myself obliged to follow all the latest trends. If I think something doesn't look good, or if I can't afford a trend, or if I notice it just doesn't suit me, I am not afraid to skip it. And I really hope that this is something that makes you value my articles. I'm not a #Chloegirl, and I'm not part of the #Balmaination, and I certainly don't think any of the Kardashian/Jenner whatsoever clan is worth being talked about. So if that is okay to you I'm sure you will find some interesting stuff over here. 
Be sure that I value your visits to my blog, your emails, your comments, and you coming up to me at events to have a chat. So if you want to make me one present for this blogiversary (and my birthday which is tomorrow, btw) then connect with me today! Tell me what you think about Clothes and Camera, don't hesitate to tell me what you like or don't like about this blog, take some time to visit me on my social media channels or even write me an e-mail to just say "hi". I will highly appreciate it and I can't wait to get in touch with you all! 
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  1. Happy 4th Blogiversary Clothes and Camera and Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Carmen!

  2. Double Happy Birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday Carmen's Blog! Maach weider esou, et ass tiptop!

  4. Happy 4th year blog anniversary Carmen and Happy Birthday as well!


  5. Happy 4th birthday blog birthday Carmen! My blog turned 4 on September and, honestly, lately I have been thinking / wondering about the same things you have! I have started comparing my blog with others more than I used to and I am also, maybe, overthinking a lot of things and not letting them just be.
    Thank you for this article it kind of reminded me why I started doing this in the first place and it was very reassuring to read that somebody is having the same doubts as me! Thanks again and as I already said on Instagram - many more years to your blog! Cheers! :)


    1. Thanks so much for this comment dear! I'm glad I could help someone out by expressing my feelings. Also I know that you were one of my very first readers and it means the world to me, that you're still sticking around!
      Many thanks and many more years to your blog as well :)


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