33 Things That Can Go Wrong When Shooting Outfits

bloggers taking outfit pictures

Become a fashion blogger they said. It will be fun they said. Well it is, but taking outfit pictures can be a mess! Rainstorms, curious tourists, failing camera material, I've been through it all. Here are some (more or less serious) scenarios, that can occur while taking outfit pictures. Plus the best outtakes from my shootings this year. I hope you'll laugh as much at them as I did!

1. You don't have an outfit to shoot.
2. Tourists start taking pictures of you with their iPad.
3. The fog makes your hair so frizzy a witch would be jealous.
4. All your pictures turn out blurry because your camera has a bad day.
5. Your outfit doesn't match the background.
6. Your face looks sickly pale while your legs look tanned (or the other way round).
7. Your skin looks yellow on the pictures.
8. It looks like you're wearing all black even though you're wearing bordeaux red or royal blue.
9. You fall over while trying to stand "naturally".
10. Your photographer falls off a wall while trying to find the perfect angle.
11. Your eyes are closed on all the sharp pictures while you look on point on all the blurry pictures.
12. An animal photobombs your picture.
13. Your SD card is full because you already took 500 pictures but still aren't feeling it.
14. You take 300 pictures to publish only 3 of them.
15. You show up at the shooting location but forgot your camera.
16. You want to start taking pictures but notice there is no SD card in your camera.
17. You double checked if you have your camera, your SD card and a second SD card in reserve but you forgot to charge the battery of your camera.
18. You shoot with someone who just doesn't get how you want the pictures to look (or how you want yourself to look in the pictures...)
19. While trying to have your eyes open in all the pictures your forget to blink and your eyes start watering, which results in a messed up eye liner.
20. You don't get to the shooting place in time because of eye liner.
21. You or the photographer get (nearly) hit by a car because the street is the coolest place to take pictures.
22. You get weird looks when asking a passerby if you can borrow their dog for some pictures.
23. You think that shootings in the bright sun can't be that hard until you see the rough black shadow under your eyes.
24. You don't like green in your backgrounds and drive 50 kilometers to find a place that's all grey or white.
25. It's windy as f*** and your hair gets stuck in your lipstick.
26. You want to take pictures during your lunch break but it turns out the sun is EVERYWHERE.
27. Passerbys tell you to smile when all you wanna do is yell at everyone who dares to step in your picture.
28. You've come to a point where you don't mind when someone sees you naked while changing outfits in your car.
29. You forget your keys, purse, camera, sunglasses,... somewhere along the way while looking for the perfect location.
30. You're so fussy that your photographer gets annoyed and leaves.
31. You break up with your boyfriend because you yelled at him for not being a capable photographer.
32. You took pictures for hours but don't use a single one of them because you looked crap that day.
33. You break out in tears and stop being a fashion blogger.

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Are my steps large enough like this?"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Yaaay, let's throw some leaves in the air..."

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
 "You better pass quickly, we have serious work to do here!"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"What do you mean this doesn't look natural?"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Look, I'm a ballerina!"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Aaah, there's a spider under my feet!"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Does this look sexy?"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Look how pretty my hair is!"

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
 "Have we finished soon? I gotta go to the loo..."

outfit shooting outtakes bloopers
"Have we got a good picture? I feel a bit dizzy..."


  1. Replies
    1. Haha probably because we know it's true ;)

  2. haha dat ass esou wouer Carmen! :)

    1. Haha Merci ;) Ech mengen all Blogger kann dat novollzéien :D

  3. hahahahahah. so funny but true! :D

    Kai | www.lilpink.info

    1. Thanks haha! Blogger problems, right? ;)

  4. Hahahahaha, love this post!!!! I have to agree on more than a half of your points :DDD the last few are super funny and so real :DD plus it was fun to see all your bloopers :))

    1. Haha thanks Monika, I know we've been through some of these together ;)

  5. Hahahahahaha! Loved this post so much!

  6. Truuuuee! I can totally relate to everything you wrote - yes, every single, damn thing! :D
    I think I have broken up with my boyfriend more than just a couple of times, because we both get frustrated if something just doesn't go right while shooting my outfit pictures!
    Loved the post, Carmen! Really! :)


  7. Hahah such adorable photos and hilarious anecdotes!
    I applaud your bravery, and its well worth it in the end, your photos always look stunning!

    What Raj Wants

    1. Thanks so much, that means a lot to me! :)

  8. Haha I love this - I think as bloggers we're always concerned about having"perfection" on our blogs so it's nice to see that you're not taking yourself too seriously. I can relate to so many of these!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Yes, I think sometimes one just needs to relax as a blogger ;)

  9. Oh I love this - the captures under the bloopers are genius :)

    beauty visions

  10. Funny article! Sometimes we see just one picture on the blog and we don't realize how much work there is behind - this is the reason because I am not a fashion blogger :)


    1. Haha yes, it's a lot more work than one might guess, but it's also worth it in the end :)


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