3 Local Jewellery Designers to Watch

Thanks to my Fashion Made in Luxembourg project, I could already introduce you to some talented local designers. To me one thing that goes hand in hand with fashion is jewellery design and yet again in this area you will find many adorable pieces made in Luxembourg. The best place to stay up to date with the newest creations is the Lët'z Go Local market, where I discovered the following three outstanding jewellery brands:

Stine Bülow

Stine Bülow is a Danish goldsmith who loves to be inspired by nature and fairy tales, and who works with traditional crafting techniques. She mainly uses gold, silver, diamonds and gems, in order to create these unique and mysterious pieces of jewellery. You can buy some of her designs in her Etsy store, but you will also find various selling points across Luxembourg and Denmark. Find her latest collections and more information on where to shop them on her web page

stine Bülow jewellery Luxembourg goldsmith

Rina Oliveira

Rina Oliveira is a Japanese jewellery designer, who studied fashion design in Tokyo. In 2010 she moved to Luxembourg. For her designs she works with vermeil and gold-filled jewellery. Many of her creations have a personalized note, be it name bracelets or letter pendants. Her jewellery can be bought online or at the shop of the MUDAM museum in Luxembourg. 

rina oliveira jewellery design luxembourg

Créations Zim Nat

Natalie Zimmer is a Luxembourgish jewellery designer who learned her profession in Paris. She works with gold and silver and often adds precious stones to her designs. Her favourite creations are her rings, which are handmade and often also customized. Find more of them and her earrings on her web page

Natalie Zimmer Créations Zim Nat jewellery Luxembourg

(All pictures belong to the designers.)


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