Beauty Empties November

Here we go with my monthly review of emptied beauty products. Except for the conditioner all products are from summery limited editions, but next month's review will be more wintry - promised!


Splurge vs. Save: Christmas Themed Handbags

Christmas themed handbags clutches tree star elf

Are you just as excited about Christmas as I am? Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent so it gets about time to light the first candle of your Advent wreath. However with less than four weeks until Christmas, it also gets time to think about your festive look. If you won't find the time to shop an entirely new outfit, how about spicing up last year's look with a darling Christmas themed handbag or clutch? The hardcore Christmas fans among you might love to have a look at Kate Spade's Christmas bag range, but all others can also find cheaper alternatives at Asos or New Look!


New In: Grey Overknees (+ How to Find Your Perfect Pair)

flat grey overknees wide shaft big legs

Here they are, my long sought-after overknees! It was not easy to find a pair that matches all of my requirements: flat heels, grey (faux) suede, wide shaft, and under 150€. Actually there were just two pairs I could find that met my expectations, which were the ones shown above, and this pair via Amazon. No need to say both were sold out in my size and the "back in stock" date for the pair I finally got was constantly postponed.


Outfit: Feeling Festive in Red, Green and Tartan

red green tartan sweater festive outfit

Just like every other year, I am extremely looking forward to Christmas. This year probably even a tad more as it will be the time when I'll have finished all of my course at university and I'll be able to do a teeny tiny little break before writing my assignments and master thesis from January on. So after having our first real snow for the season this weekend, and after baking some delicious gingerbread cookies, I was also in the mood to compile some festive looks this week. And if there is one thing that screams "Christmas is coming!" then it's surely the combination of red and green. Plus I felt even festive enough to add my fancy perfume bottle clutch!


Introducing the Beauty Parlour "Aromas Institut"

This week I was invited to discover the beauty salon of a lovely French girl. Audrey Sferlazza has opened her "Aromas Institut" a few years ago and works there all by herself, offering many interesting beauty services. From manicures over epilation to slimming cures, in her parlour you can get almost every beauty treatment your heart desires.


3 Local Jewellery Designers to Watch

Thanks to my Fashion Made in Luxembourg project, I could already introduce you to some talented local designers. To me one thing that goes hand in hand with fashion is jewellery design and yet again in this area you will find many adorable pieces made in Luxembourg. The best place to stay up to date with the newest creations is the Lët'z Go Local market, where I discovered the following three outstanding jewellery brands:


Outfit: Mustard Yellow A-Line Skirt

As you may have noticed I'm a huge fan of the still ongoing 70s trend. Therefor it was only a matter of time until I would get myself a button-up A-line skirt. Well in fact it was rather a matter of length. It seems a fact that most A-line skirts are damn short and I prefer every part of my behind to be hidden, be it when I'm walking, sitting or bending over.


An Affiliate Link Guide (For Bloggers and Readers)

affiliate link guide bloggers

At a time when we're literally just one click away from about anything, clicking has become so natural that we don't think much about it anymore. However lots of links don't just get us to another page, but also involve other actions. One kind of such links are affiliate links.


5 Bloggers Who Styled Overknees On Point

The sexiest footgear of all times is on everyone's lips again. We're obviously talking about overknees, or over knees, or over-the-knee boots, however you want to call them. You sure agree that there is no other kind of shoes which is that hard to shop. For example I want flat grey ones with a large upper and no, I don't have a Stuart Weitzman budget. So while I keep looking for my perfect pair, I'm giving you some inspiration on how good overknees make any outfit look. (Oh and a little shopping selection and the end, too!)


4th Blogiversary & Thoughts About Blogging

Happy Birthday Clothes and Camera! It's been four years since I started this blog. Four crazy years with you guys. A lot has changed since I started off with Clothes and Camera. Not only has my style evolved, but I have also narrowed down the topics I write about on this blog. "Finding a niche" how it's called among experts. But have I really found my niche? Have I found my blogging voice and rhythm over the years? Is everything flourishing and am I satisfied with how everything goes? Certainly not.


33 Things That Can Go Wrong When Shooting Outfits

bloggers taking outfit pictures

Become a fashion blogger they said. It will be fun they said. Well it is, but taking outfit pictures can be a mess! Rainstorms, curious tourists, failing camera material, I've been through it all. Here are some (more or less serious) scenarios, that can occur while taking outfit pictures. Plus the best outtakes from my shootings this year. I hope you'll laugh as much at them as I did!


Outfit: Electric Blue

electric blue oversized sweater outfit

During summer I've been talking a lot about creating new looks with old clothes so why stop doing it in fall and winter? Especially now that the weather forces us to make use of the layering technique again, it's pretty easy to create new looks with your wardrobe content. For example I used to wear this electric blue sweater as a cosy oversized top with black pants, but why not add a blouse underneath to make it all look more classy? The ongoing bow blouse trend is pretty perfect to give your old sweaters a new twist.


New In: H&M Home and Beauty

H&M Home Beauty Haul

Call me pessimistic but I didn't think H&M Home would ever come to Luxembourg. It's still pretty rare in bigger countries so why would anybody mind bringing it to Luxembourg? But here we are, with a new pretty full concept store with 4 floors of H&M goodness, including H&M Home and H&M Beauty. I was among the lucky people to discover the renovated store in Luxembourg's Grand-Rue during some late night shopping with 20% off on everything.


Outfit: Turtleneck, Vest & Flares

flared pants turtleneck long vest fall outfit

I think one of the biggest challenges in fashion is to find outfits that you feel good in because they're comfortable, which however also look like you've put some effort in. Often in order to achieve this look, it's about changing one garment for another and making good accessory choices. For example the combination of jeans and turtleneck surely is super comfortable and also adapted to the autumnal weather, but it's also pretty common. By swapping simple jeans for bell-bottoms and by adding a long vest, I didn't lose comfort but achieved an outfit that doesn't look all too ordinary.


Monthly Must Haves: Birthday Edition

girly birthday wish list fashionista Christmas presents

Seriously I don't understand those people who don't care about their birthday. I just LOVE it! I love to be the little princess for one day and get lots of presents and have an excuse to eat as much cake as I like. And I feel like this year's birthday is gonna be a good one! My boyfriend will take the week off from work and I don't have courses that day, so I can be sure I will be with my beloved ones. In fact that is the most important thing on such a special day, right? Nevertheless I also picked some little presents I wouldn't mind being surprised with that day... P.S.: They would also make gorgeous Christmas presents for that fashionista in your life!

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