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blue fall coat

Every new season requires some preparation. For a girl who's into fashion, this preparation consists in stocking up on that season's wardrobe essentials. In my case the scenario is always the same: Several weeks before the beginning of the season in question, I get flooded with pictures of what trendy people will be wearing during the next three months. By the beginning of the season I will have decided on which trends suits my style and which don't. After mentally checking my wardrobe I set up a list of things that I don't have yet, but absolutely want to wear that season. And then the endless lookout for the perfect wardrobe staples begins.
After checking every single store and online shop I have ever been a customer of, and a bunch of stores and online shops I will never become a customer of, I give up on the idea of ever finding the pair of shoes or the coat or the pants I really like. And then comes the moment when I enter one shop where I find it all. (Insert angelic choir song here.)
Last spring this dream-fulfilling store turned out to be Mango. So you would say that this year Mango was my first place to go, right? Nope. Not only had I forgotten that the range at Mango is pretty awesome, but I wasn't even sure anymore that we even have a Mango in Luxembourg. Like seriously brain, why are you letting me down like this?
Luckily enough I came across our fabulous Mango store on Saturday, having about 10 minutes left before my train would leave. As a new coat was my most urgent purchase, I quickly tried on all the coats and decided on this dark blue gorgeousness in like 2 minutes. Furthermore this soft turtleneck was hanging all alone on a rack so I decided to give it a new home. On my way to the changing rooms I then came across this pinafore dress, which convinced me that it would look super good with the turtleneck. After a power-changing-session and an impatient wait at the checkout, I had bought three of my most wanted fall staples in record time (and even caught my train!). 

outfit blue fall coat grey dress

grey soft turtleneck

grey black pinafore dress

pinafore dress turtleneck grey fall outfit

pinafore dress grey black

fashion blogger luxembourg blogueuse mode

blue fall coat

blue grey black outfit combination fall

grey black mango pinafore dress

pictures by Monika

coat, pinafore dress, turtleneck - MANGO, leggings - H&M, boots - DEICHMANN, rings - SPINNING JEWELRY


  1. ohhhh
    das latzkleid sieht voll süß aus :)
    den mantel werde ich mir auch mal näher anschauen!

  2. Lovely outfit! I'm a big fan of Mango, I need to check what's new for this season :)

  3. That turtleneck is fantastic! you look charming! very feminine combo<3


  4. :)) that's the most efficient shopping ever ;))) I thought you bought only this dress at Mango, but it looks like you managed to get three things at the end. You go girl ;)))

  5. I love the feeling of entering a shop, seeing something you like and wanted for a while and just straight up getting it! Even better when the different new pieces fit together so well, as they do in your case:)


    1. Haha yes, the fitting pieces were a funny coincidence but I guess that happens when you mostly stick to black, grey and blue for all of your clothes :P


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